Marketplace Updates November 2017

Updated by Brandy Smith on Nov 30, 2017
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The Lumen Marketplace provides self-service, on-demand provisioning of provider services on the Lumen Platform. Below are the latest additions to the Marketplace.
The Marketplace is constantly evolving with more products, providers, and solutions. Check the Marketplace Updates for the latest Marketplace offerings. If you would like to join the Lumen Marketplace Provider Program, you can learn more here.

Products added to the Lumen Marketplace November 2017 include:

  • Absio Corporation - Absio’s software-defined, Serverless Encryption™ technology is an easy-to-implement, cross-platform encryption solution that protects any form of data throughout its life cycle—from creation to deletion, everywhere it exists—without requiring organizations to manage keys or certificates, add hardware, or rely on a third-party service. Developers implement Absio technology through multi-language software development kits. No cryptography experience is necessary. A simple API enables developers to integrate powerful data security features into new and legacy desktop, mobile, IoT, cloud-native, server, client-side web applications and more with just a few lines of code.

View the full list of Absio Corporation products available on the Lumen Marketplace here

  • Panopta - Panopta is a SaaS based software solution that monitors all aspects of server monitoring, including websites, servers, application performance as well as network connected devices. Panopta offers a single pane of glass view into an organization's complete infrastructure. Panopta does not require any hardware or hands on to implement. We offer an all inclusive pricing on a per node basis per month which includes unlimited users, analytics and checks. Panopta will work in any environment, including public, private or hybrid Cloud scenarios as well as on premise infrastructure. Panopta can monitor multiple platforms simultaneously. Panopta offers a free 30 day POC. With Panopta there are no contracts and the price per node includes setup, install, support and all updates.

View the full list of Panopta products available on the Lumen Marketplace here

  • Stash - Stash protects valuable data at the byte level, turning it into unreadable, DigitalConfetti™ At Stash, we are REALLY paranoid about keeping your data private, secure and resilient. It is in our
    DNA. We have decades of experience protecting some of the most important networks and data
    on the Internet. Only the paranoid survive!

• Store your precious data in your own unique, secure environment. You can also set up very
secure mailboxes with which to share data with other users.
Whether you want to keep things to yourself or share with others, Stash has created the most
secure products in the market. From your computer to your vault or a colleague’s computer
data is secured and protected with the most advanced encryption.
No more vulnerable emails.

•With Lumen we are fully accredited for your compliance needs.
AICPA SOC 1, SOC 2 and SOC 3; ISO 27001; and Privacy Shield (formerly Safe Harbor) compliant.
Your PCI-DSS and HIPAA requirements are met and supported.

• Stash is REALLY quick to implement and simple to use.
Have your firm’s own white label Stash site up and running within two hours. Your users will find
the interface very familiar and simple to use. It looks and feels like your typical folder storage.

View the full list of Stash products available on the Lumen Marketplace here.

Lumen Marketplace Featured Provider

Our Featured Marketplace Provider is Server General. Server General is a managed service that allows customers to offload their data encryption and key management responsibilities to our security staff. Our service can be used to encrypt data stored in a server deployed anywhere. You have the option of storing your encryption keys in our global key management infrastructure or in a virtual appliance deployed within your own network. A brief description of the Server General offerings available on the Lumen Marketplace can be found here.

To learn more about Server General, visit their site or read the Press Release highlighting our strategic partnership, Server General to offer Data Encryption Service to Lumen customers through its Cloud MarketPlace.