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Marketplace Onboarding Checklist

Updated by Brandy Smith on Jan 01, 2019
Article Code: kb/128

The Lumen Marketplace allows customers to purchase software from an extensive list of Software Providers that partner with Lumen. During the Lumen Marketplace Onboarding Program, there are a variety of tasks that not only need to be completed by the Lumen Marketplace team, but the provider as well. The Onboarding Program is meant to streamline the process of getting partner products into the Marketplace. This Knowledge Base Article provides a Checklist for Providers to follow throughout the onboarding process.

Create Lumen Cloud Account (Responsible Party: Provider)

  • If your company already has a Lumen Cloud (CLC) account please provide the Marketplace representative that you are working with your account alias. If you do not know how to find your alias, instructions are outlined here.

  • If your company does NOT have a Lumen Cloud account, a free account can be created here.

  • There is no cost associated with creating or maintaining your account.

  • Once the MPA has been agreed to by a Provider representative, the Lumen Cloud (CLC) account receive a Marketplace Provider credit to cover any integration costs accrued on the account.

  • You will be emailed your username & password for Lumen Cloud. You must login into the Lumen Cloud Portal to change your password.

Provider Portal Access (Responsible Party: Provider)

  • Once you have created your Lumen Cloud account provide the Marketplace representative that you are working with your (CLC) account alias. They will then create your Provider Portal account. You will then be able to access the Provider Portal.

  • There is training material located within the provider portal.

  • There is additional training material available in the Getting Started Guide: Marketplace & Provider Portal, which will serve as your primary guide for creating your product in the Provider Portal. We recommend using it in conjunction with the training videos provided within the Portal.

We update the guide monthly with any updates that have been released. If for some reason, you feel as though the guide is missing information or if you have additional questions, please let us know at

Accept the Marketplace Provider Agreement(Responsible Party: Provider)

  • The acceptance of the Marketplace Provider Agreement is done via ‘click-thru’.

  • The acceptance click box is located in the Provider Portal, on the Company Information page.

  • Guidance regarding the Marketplace Provider Agreement can be found here.

Create Product(s) Content (Responsible Party: Provider)

  • Public facing product content can be generated by the provider in the provider portal. Our goal for the Lumen Cloud Marketplace is to provide a superior user experience with respect to learning about your product. If you'd like additional support developing your content, we're here to help. Contact us at

Request that your Products be published (Responsible Party: Provider)

  • Once the product content has been completed, you can request your product to be published. This option is at the bottom of the product page on the Provider Portal.

  • Products will only be published once the technical and billing integration is completed, tested, and approved by a Lumen Marketplace team member. Product creation is done in the staging environment of the Provider Portal to allow for testing. To create products you will log into the staging environment here: You will login with your same Lumen Cloud credentials for both production and staging.

Technical and billing portions of the integration with the Marketplace can vary widely based on provider & are not included in this checklist. Members of the Lumen Platform Enablement Team will work with the provider’s technical teams to design the integrations.

Additional Provider Resources can be found here.