Nessus Security Vulnerability Scanning

Updated by Chris Little on Jul 01, 2015
Article Code: kb/773


Lumen Cloud customers can leverage Nessus Security Vulnerability scanning services via Service Task to discover security vulnerabilities on Cloud Virtual Machines provisioned across the platform.

How To Request a Nessus Security Vulnerability Scan

Customers should request a Service Task for Nessus Security Vulnerability Scanning. In the request customers should supply the following information:

  • Customer Alias & Pin
  • Time (including time zone) you wish the scan to run
  • The list of Virtual Servers & IP addresses (public, private or both) you want scanned
  • For Credentialed Vulnerability Scans the customer may be required to provide valid credentials

Best Practices

It is recommended Nessus Security Vulnerability Scan's are performed during non-peak business hours to reduce impact on services.

Vulnerability Listing

A complete listing of the security vulnerabilities can be found on the Tenable Network Security website.

Sample Reports

Customers can view sample reports on the Tenable Network Security website.


Q: Do Vulnerability Scanning services require an agent?

A: No

Q: Are user accounts or credentials required for Vulnerability Scanning?

A: Yes, if you wish to run a Credentialed Vulnerability Scan. Customers have the choice of between Network-based Scans (Uncredentialed), Credentialed, or both.

Q: What is the expected response time to schedule and receive my Vulnerability Scan?

A: Please refer to our Ticket Prioritization Matrix

Q: Do I need to supply URLs?

A: No. Only IP addresses (internal or external) are needed.