Network Exchange Billing Guide

Updated by Rob Lesieur on Apr 27, 2017


  • Pay As You Go billing
  • How Billing is Calculated
  • Billable Versus Non-billable Endpoint Types
  • Network Exchange Pricing
  • Network Exchange Invoicing

Pay As You Go Billing

The pay as you go billing model means the Network Exchange user only pays for bandwidth consumed during the use of the Network Exchange service. This is ideal for customers who have unpredictable usage who do not want to pay overage charges. It is also beneficial for customers who wish to move large quantities of data in a minimal amount of time, as there are no bandwidth constraints applied.

How Billing is Calculated

Usage is measured in GBs transmitted, is constantly accumulated and totals are rolled up daily. At the end of the month the total is multiplied by the current price for each endpoint type and will appear as line items within your overall CenturyLink Cloud (CLC) invoice. Only egress traffic counts towards billing.

Billable versus Non-billable Endpoint Types

CenturyLink charges a nominal fee for Network Exchange for third party endpoints, while providing the service at no fee to CenturyLink Managed Hosting and Cloud customers. Non-billable endpoints will appear on your CLC invoice as $0 items. Current billable status by endpoint type:

  • Colocation: Billable
  • CenturyLink Managed Hosting: Non-billable
  • CenturyLink Cloud: Non-billable

Network Exchange Pricing

Network exchange is currently priced at a fixed rate of $.03/GB transferred for billable endpoint types.

Network Exchange Invoicing

Network Exchange charges will appear as sub-line items within the end user’s CenturyLink Cloud charges. Managed Hosting and Colocation charges will appear on separate invoices.