Network Exchange IQ+ Endpoint Guide

Updated by Jason Holland on Jan 07, 2020
Article Code: kb/1170

IQ+ Endpoint Guide

The Network Exchange IQ+ Endpoint allows for automated, self-managed connectivity to colocation data centers in which a serving instance of Network Exchange exists.

IQ+ Endpoint Prerequisites

IQ+ Endpoint Capabilities

  • Choices of 1Gbps and 10Gbps dedicated connectivity between the IQ+ termination point (shared CPE) in the colocation data center and Network Exchange equipment.
  • Connections are redundant (two physical connections) to increase gauranteed uptime.
  • Automated setup and tear down of connections between the IQ+ equipment (shared CPE) and the End User’s dedicated ports on the terminating Network Exchange equipment. The connection requires 1 VLAN be configured manually.
  • Only the Static routing types is available.


  • Additional purchase(s) required includes 1 HAN VLAN 1.0 order.
  • Lumen Technical Implementation (HSIE) in coordination with Lumen Service Delivery Coordinators (SDCs) will configure the VLAN.
  • The allocated VLAN will be provided and must be used in the Network Exchange UI.
  • Network Exchange IQ+ Endpoints are available to connect to the shared CPE only in colocation data centers.
  • The IQ+ Endpoint must be in a colocation data center in which a serving instance of Network Exchange exists.