Network Exchange Locations and Endpoints

Updated by Mark Lee on Sep 06, 2016


Location and endpoint information for current or prospective customers of Network Exchange.


CenturyLink Cloud Customers

Network Exchange Locations and Endpoints

The initial release of Network Exchange (NetX) is UC1. The endpoints are CenturyLink Cloud (CLC) and CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC) at the same data center.

Location Endpoint

Check back for additional sites and endpoints.

Connecting CLC and DCC via NetX

Customers with CLC VMs at UC1 can establish a connection between their CLC environment and their DCC environment via NetX. However, CNS, Cloud Network Service, is required as well for establishing the connection to your DCC environment. CenturyLink account managers, sales engineers, and implementation engineers will work with you to order and implement CNS and a connection to your DCC environment.


Q: Will Network Exchange be available at more locations and other endpoints?

A: Network Exchange will expand to more locations and support more endpoints throughout the year and beyond. Updates will be posted to this page as well CLC Release Notes and newsletters.

Q: What is the provisioning time for Network Exchange and for CNS?

A: Network Exchange automated provisioning takes minutes. CNS is partially automated, partially manual. The implementation may take one to two weeks. CenturyLink is continuously improving and automating implementation of network services. Implementation time may reduce without notice.