Pricing, Billing and Invoicing for Partners

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  • How pricing and discount data are displayed in the portal.
  • Invoicing customers and special pricing scenarios.
  • Getting billing data and the schedule for receiving billing reports.

The Basics of Pricing and Discounts

Cloud Portal Pricing

Prices in the Control Portal are displayed at list price unless you, the Partner, decides to change the pricing using the Set Your Own Price feature. The customer only sees what is displayed and never sees the partner’s discounted price.

CenturyLink Invoice to Partner

When you receive an invoice from CenturyLink, your contracted discount will be applied.

Special Pricing

If you want to charge your customer a higher rate than what is in the portal or offer them a discount, you can do this in two ways.
This can be done manually at the time of invoice. You’d simply communicate the difference to your customer. In this method, your pricing is unknown to CenturyLink and is NOT reflected in the CenturyLink Cloud Portal.

Set Your Own Price Feature

The Set Your Own Price Feature provides a way Partners can set custom prices for their sub accounts. The following link provides a detailed overview of the Set Your Own Price feature.

Please review the Set Your Own Price Feature

Getting Billing Data and Reports

Method 1: Billing Report

How It Works: - CenturyLink will email a report with the previous month’s billing data in .CSV format to an email alias of your choice. Use this data to invoice your customers.
Timing: - The report is sent by the 2nd business day of the month.
About The Report: - The report is broken out by account and prices displayed are at list price.
Sample Billing Report: - See the attachment at the bottom of this article.

Method 2: API Integration (Optional)

How It Works: - You can integrate with CenturyLink Cloud’s APIs to pull billing data automatically.
Resources: - Find out more about these capabilities at the following link: