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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2012

Cloud Platform – Release Notes: October 18, 2012

Updated by Richard Seroter on Oct 19, 2012
Article Code: kb/1023

New Features (2)

  • Firewall Policies New in this release, and currently only available for Lumen Cloud Administrators, firewall policies allow users to create and maintain complex intra-DC networking policies. Administrators can use these policies to define how network traffic should go between the vlans that exist in their primary account and various sub-accounts. In the very near future, this feature will be opened up for Lumen Cloud customers to use. For more information, please see the following Knowledge Base articles: Connecting Data Center Networks Through Firewall Policies and Creating Bi-Directional Firewall Policies.
  • "Script" Tasks on Groups This new Task can be applied in blueprints and as part of Group-level actions. It supports the execution of user-entered script statements for Windows (PowerShell and Command) and Linux (SSH). This allows users to quickly and easily perform group-level activities such as turning off a service or enabling a firewall rule.

Minor Defects Fixed or Enhancements Added (4)

  • Scheduled Tasks - Add Shutdown as an option In addition to pausing, powering on, and rebooting servers as part of a maintenance schedule, you can now also perform a server shutdown.
  • Web Fabric - Unable to build a web fabric in an alternate DC, switching DC results in error Corrected an issue that occurred during Web Fabric provisioning or migration between data centers.
  • Published Shared packages not appearing in the Published Software\Scripts Tab in the Account that created it Some customer-uploaded software packages weren't available for use.
  • Servers - Server quick links are not displaying servers in maintenance Servers in maintenance mode were not showing up in the "Quick Links" section of the base "Servers" page.