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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2013

Cloud Platform – Release Notes: December 20, 2013

Updated by Richard Seroter on Dec 17, 2013
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New Features (3)

  • Faster server deployments. We've streamlined the server provisioning process for Windows Server 2012, Ubuntu 10 and Ubuntu 12 and will optimizing other Operating Systems in the coming months. Get access to servers nearly 30% faster than before!
  • Account cleanup services for resellers. In order to reduce the impact of fraud and make it simpler to offer trial accounts, the Lumen Cloud added a new automated service that can delete all billed resources (e.g. servers, storage, networks, load balancers) from an account upon account closure.
  • Beta release of Cloud Foundry BOSH CPI. We've completed a beta version of the BOSH Cloud Provider Interface (CPI) that lets Cloud Foundry users build and manage their own PaaS on the Lumen Cloud. You can download the open source components from our BOSH Github repository and run a micro-BOSH deployment process from source code. See the Getting Started Guide for more info.

Work in Progress (2)

  • Redesign of Groups page in the Control Portal. Users in the Beta program will continue to see the Groups UI evolve. This release introduces billing information, clickable links, quick actions, and more.
  • Monitoring enhancements. The underlying infrastructure of the monitoring subsystem is being upgraded and improved. In the following release, this powerful new service will be connected to the Control Portal and introduce a more reliable, high performing monitoring capability.