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Cloud Platform – Release Notes: April 7, 2014

Updated by Richard Seroter on Apr 02, 2014
Article Code: kb/992

New Features (4)

  • New Lumen Cloud Data Centers Now Live. The Lumen Cloud opened more North American data centers in California and Virginia. These new locations -- now live for all users -- offer all the standard Lumen Cloud capabilities and also support Hyperscale Servers.
  • Updated Lumen Cloud Dashboard page. The dashboard has been redesigned and provides a clear rollup of deployed resources across all data centers.
  • Next generation API available. The first official version of the "v2 API" is now available and documented. Users can interact with Groups and Servers (via read operations, power commands). Soon to follow are API operations to create and edit compute resources, and manage alerting.
  • Blueprint support for Hyperscale servers. When deploying a Blueprint, users now have the option of choosing to publish to the Hyperscale environment. If the Blueprint calls for more machine storage than Hyperscale supports, the user will be notified after choosing Hyperscale as a deployment target.

Minor Enhancements (2)

  • Load balancer pools can include parent account servers. When setting up a load balancer pool, users can provide IP addresses of parent servers IF the "share parent networks" setting was applied to their account.
  • Redirect to ZenDesk for ticket management. The "view tickets" menu option now immediately directs users to ZenDesk. This creates a more reliable, full featured way to create and manage support tickets.