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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2014

Cloud Platform – Release Notes: May 7, 2014

Updated by Richard Seroter on May 08, 2014
Article Code: kb/987

New Features (3)

  • Redesigned server settings experience. Simplified view of server settings with quick access from the details page.

  • Upgraded experience for creating, editing, and deleting public IPs. Fully integrated into the server details page, the public IP capabilities make it easy to quick see, add, edit, and delete public IP addresses for a given server.

  • Simplified editing of CPU and RAM for running servers. Do in-place upgrade or downgrade of CPU and RAM allocation right from the server details page.


Minor Enhancements (5)

  • Support plan settings visible in the Control Portal. Starting May 1st, Lumen Cloud offers 3 support tiers with varying SLAs. Customers can see their chosen tier by viewing their Account Settings.

  • Safety constraints for site to site VPN configuration. The Control Portal prevents users from entering any platform-reserved IP address ranges into the site-to-site VPN configuration.
  • Disallow VM snapshots for servers with more than 1TB of storage. New limit introduced to avoid performance degradation that occurs when taking snapshots of large VMs.
  • Faster activity completion due to increased size of Blueprint processing queue. Continued improvements in the platform led to increase in parallelization of activities, resulting in less waiting for provisioning, server power operations, and more.
  • Option no-charge bandwidth for site-to-site VPN between hardware in same data center. For customers connecting the Lumen Cloud to co-located hardware in the same data center, you can now have a site to site VPN configuration that does not incur public bandwidth charges.