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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2014

Cloud Platform – Release Notes: July 28, 2014

Updated by Bryan Friedman on Oct 13, 2014
Article Code: kb/965

New Features (5)

  • Horizontal Autoscale. Lumen Cloud now supports Horizontal Autoscale, allowing for groups of servers that meet a user-defined CPU and/or RAM utilization threshold to be scaled out/in by powering on/off one or more additional servers in the group. (The existing Autoscale functionality allowing for scaling number of CPUs up or down on a server is still available as Vertical Autoscale.)

  • Completed Redesign of Server UI. The new version of the Server UI has been completed and now incorporates all remaining features from the previous UI including viewing partitions, disk management, scheduled task management, and actions for converting to template, archiving, cloning and toggling maintenance mode.




  • Data Center Updates. The Lumen Cloud opened another data center in Toronto, Canada (CA3). This new location is now live for all users and offers all the standard Lumen Cloud capabilities including support for Hyperscale Servers. There is further data center expansion planned for later this year as well. 
  • Managed Services. Combining Lumen’s expertise in both the cloud and managed services spaces, users (Lumen-managed customers only) will now see a "managed server" option when creating a server, allowing them to enable managed services with just one click, the ease of a cloud utility, and pay-by-the hour billing. Currently, the available managed services are Microsoft Windows Server (2008 and 2012), Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5, Active Directory, Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, MS SQL, MySQL, and Tomcat, with more rolling out in the coming months. The configuration, monitoring, and ongoing administration as well as the provisioning of each of these services is also automated via our Blueprints orchestration engine. Managed services are available in Sterling and Santa Clara data centers only at this time, with additional sites online in the coming months. Read more about managed services on our web site and in our Knowledge Base.


  • Improved Cloning. Some improvements were made behind the scenes to the server cloning process. Along with the updated UI shown above, the underlying cloning process is now faster and more resilient.

Minor Enhancements (4)

  • Consolidated "Policies" Menu. The management of Alerts, Autoscale, and Hyperscale Anti-Affinity has been consolidated into one area called "Policies" which is accessible from the Servers menu.
  • Group/Server Permissions removed. Over the past 8 months, the Lumen Cloud team has been rebuilding the underlying platform API and the new, robust permissions model is incompatible with the legacy server and group resource-level permission model. With the completion of the new Server API v2 this month, the Server and Group permissions have been retired. Look out for new role-based access controls in the Control Portal later this year.
  • Maintenance Window removed. The Maintenance Window section under Scheduled Tasks has been removed, however we still encourage users to put servers or groups of servers into maintenance mode before applying patches or software updates. This will ensure that all monitoring of the server or group of servers is turned off for the maintenance tasks to be performed. Webhooks are still enabled and will be triggered when a server is put into or taken out of maintenance mode.
  • 60GB Sizing for Windows Servers. The disk size for servers provisioned with Windows 2008 or 2012 Server templates have been set to a consistent size and have been increased to 60GB. This was due to customers running into build failures caused by the drives not having sufficient space to run a number of blueprints.
  • New CoreOS Blueprint. Blueprints have been created for deploying CoreOS servers. Follow the KB article on building CoreOS servers on Lumen Cloud to see how they are used.