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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: October 7, 2014

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Oct 13, 2014
Article Code: kb/964

New Features (5)

  • Option to Require SAML Authentication. Administrators can now require all their users to login via SAML, if desired. This feature will automatically forward users who attempt to login via to the specified SAML login page. This “forced path” can offer greater compliance with enterprise policies. In addition, administrators can to toggle this feature to all subaccounts. Refer to this KB: Using SAML for Multi-Factor Authentication.


  • Groups UI Redesign, completed.  The remaining elements of the Groups section have been re-styled, including ‘Settings’ and ‘Scheduled Tasks’.
    • Settings. Important information about each Group is now available with just a click in the new interface.
    • Scheduled Tasks. Users can now create and manage scheduled tasks for resources in a Group from the new interface.


  • Streamlined “Execute Package” experience.  All of the steps required to execute the package (a script or software) are available from a single screen – the selection of the package, the input of required parameters, as well as the resources for the chosen package.


  • Data Center Resource Limits, Re-styled.  Users can now configure resource limits per data center in the new UI. Simply navigate to the “root” data center view of resources, and click “settings.”  Then, click a row under “Resources” to adjust the settings. The maximum value is inherited from account settings configured by administrators.


  • Data Center Updates. The Lumen Cloud opened another data center in Slough, UK (GB3). This new location is now live for all users and offers all the standard Lumen Cloud capabilities including support for Hyperscale Servers. There is further data center expansion planned for later this year as well.

Minor Enhancements (2)

  • Archive Server “Restore” in new UI. Users can now restore archived servers from the new ‘Servers’ UI. The target for the VM can be specified on the same screen as well.


  • New public script & software naming convention & lifecycle process. The dozens of publicly available Blueprints and scripts have adopted a more intuitive naming structure and mature lifecycle process. More information on this is available on this KB here.