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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2015

Cloud Platform - Release Notes: March 5, 2015

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Mar 05, 2015
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New Features (1)

  • Service Catalog. Selected platform services can now be selectively exposed to chosen subaccounts (as well as child subaccounts). This new capability is ideal for the phased rollout of new features to certain subaccounts. The service catalog currently includes: load balancers, premium backup, and public IP addresses for servers.

Service Catalog

Minor Enhancements (6)

  • New Domains. Effective March 5, the default Lumen Cloud domain will be updated to The URL for SAML users has also been updated to https://[account-alias] (where account-alias is your four-letter account identifier). The legacy domains will continue to operate for 90 days.

  • Subdomains featuring Account Alias. Along with the new domains listed above, custom subdomains based on account alias are now available, in the form of https://[account-alias] Use the Site Branding capabilities (under the Account tab) to update the logo that appears on the bottom of the page. This furthers the "white label" capabilities of the platform.

  • Support for Custom Price Lists & Displays. Administrators who want to show a custom price for services in the Control Portal can now do so. Contact Lumen Cloud to learn more.

  • Cloud Network Services in DE1. Lumen Cloud deployments in DE1 can now be connected to other environments using Cloud Network Services. This capability delivers private, secure, and high-speed connectivity between traditional and cloud environments.

  • MS SQL Server 2014. Deploy MS SQL 2014 Web, Standard & Enterprise Editions on Lumen Cloud via Blueprints. These SQL instances are unmanaged; licensing is handled under Lumen's SPLA relationship with Microsoft.

  • New Left Navigation Control. Two new icons appear in the left-hand side of the Control Portal interface: the + icon presents a new path for the creation of servers and groups; clicking the infrastructure icon exposes the familiar 'tree view' for the management of existing resources.

Left Navigation

Online Tools (3)

  • Map of Lumen data centers and services. View Lumen's portfolio of capabilities by data center using an interactive map online. The tool supports multiple layers of filtering, as well as standard online map controls.

Online Map of Services & Locations

  • is now multi-language. Browse in multiple languages, including German, Japanese, English (UK), English (Canada), and Canadian French. To change the language, simply navigate to the bottom right of any page on the site.

Multi-language Site

  • New Knowledge Base. The Lumen Cloud Knowledge Base has been re-designed to be even easier to use. These enhancements include improved organization, layout, and search capabilities.

Online Knowledge Base

Managed Services (1)

  • Managed Backup available in UC1. Newly created servers in UC1 can now have data protected with the managed backup service. More details on the service are here

Documentation (1)

Open Source Contributions

Panamax enhancements from Lumen Labs - Selected highlights include:

  • Golang-builder - creates a slim image from any Go project, dramatically reducing its file size compared to other methods.

  • Marathon Adapter 0.1.0 and PMX-Agent-Installer 0.1.3 – enable deployments of Apache Mesos and Mesosphere DCOS clusters with Panamax.

  • Panamax API.UI v0.2.12 – Panamax now supports automated cluster deployments on Lumen Cloud and AWS via Kubernetes and Dray. Each cluster includes the appropriate orchestrator, as well as the Panamax Agent/Adapter.

Full release notes from Lumen Labs are available here