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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2015

Cloud Platform - Release Notes: June 11, 2015

Updated by Mary Cadera on Jun 11, 2015
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New Features (3)

  • Managed OS. Clients can leverage our deep expertise in infrastructure and application management and offload critical IT functions for important applications. Managed servers are regularly patched and monitored, so the risks from viruses and other threats are reduced. Managed OS are now available in three new locations: Singapore (SG1), Toronto (CA3), and Chicago (IL1).

    Managed OS continue to be available in Virginia (VA1), Santa Clara (UC1) and London (GB3).

Minor Enhancements (3)

  • Database as a Service. Certified Managed MySQL now works with RHEL6 and 7. You can read more about Managed MySQL in our KB.

  • UI improvements. The Control Portal continues to get easier on the eye. We've made some light improvements to the UI that we think you'll appreciate.

  • Lumen Cloud Status. provides real-time updates on the status of Lumen Cloud services, and upcoming maintenance notifications. Notifications surrounding Compute, Network, and Storage are now based on what servers an account has in a specific data center, allowing our customers to get the information they need - and only the information that they need.

    Our KB has more information about the Lumen Cloud Status service.

Notifications (2)

  • New Domains. Effective March 5, the default Lumen Cloud domain was updated to The URL for SAML users has also been updated to https://[account-alias] (where account-alias is your four-letter account identifier). Please update any code that leverages the Lumen Cloud API to ensure that it uses the supported endpoint. The legacy domains will continue to operate until July 15.

  • AppFog Limited Beta. Beta access for AppFog continues to be available. Based on Cloud Foundry v2, this new platform for applications makes it easier for developers to build and scale cloud-native applications. To sign-up, visit the AppFog product page.

Bug Fixes (4)

  • Roles: Server Scheduler. A user with this role can schedule a power op, but they cannot perform a power op from server details. Now, when a user confirms the action, the user is redirected to the queue request and the request is processed.

  • Intra DC Firewall Additions. This experimental API has been updated with improved error messaging. When a user attempts to use this process to create a cross DC firewall, a 400 error is provided. The page loads faster too!

  • Billing for Monthly Recurring Charges. We have made updates to ensure that previously omitted additional charges for services such as Dedicated Load Balancers and Cross Connects are included on monthly invoices.

  • OVF Import Timeout. Importing cross DC OVF files can sometimes take more than 60 minutes. To ease any pain around this, timeouts have been increased from 60 minutes to 120 minutes.