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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: January 19, 2016

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Jan 19, 2016
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New Features (4)

Object Storage US East

  • Managed MS SQL: Bring Your Own License. A new Managed MS SQL Blueprint that supports "bring your own license" is now available for managed Lumen Cloud customers. Customers who deploy this Blueprint will pay for the management of their MS SQL instance only, at a rate of $0.48/hr. The features of the managed service remain unchanged.

  • "IPS Anywhere" for Any Server Running Selected Versions of Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu, and SUSE. Lumen Cloud users may now install instances of host-based Intrusion Prevention Service on any server running one of these 64-bit operating systems: RHEL 5/6/7, CentOS 5/6/7, Ubuntu 12/14, and SUSE 11. The server can be located on-premises, in Lumen Cloud, or off-site with another hosting provider - the only requirement is connectivity to Lumen's management network. To configure access to this network, refer to Getting Started with IPS - prerequisites.

    Installing IPS Anywhere is a simple API call - to learn more, refer to this KB article.

  • AppFog: View & Edit Environmental Variables from the Control Portal. Application environmental variables, the primary mechanism for managing configuration in AppFog, can now be viewed and edited via the Control Portal. The new viewer/editor feature allows users to update, add, and remove environment variables.

AppFog Variable Config UI

Early Adopter Program Updates (5)

  • NEW - Load Balancer as a Service. Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS) is a new shared load balancer service that offers more capabilities than our current production service, including, TCP load balancing, support for load balancing on any port, and configurable health checks.

    These features, and more, are now available in beta via API. For more details, and to sign-up for the beta service, please visit the product page.

  • DBaaS Beta Conclusion. The DBaaS beta ends January 25; the service will then become generally available as the "Relational DB Service". This new service supports rapid software delivery by providing instant access to a high performance, enterprise-hardened MySQL-compatible database instances. The service is hosted on Lumen Cloud's Hyperscale service, with 100% flash storage. The service will be GA at launch in three Lumen Cloud locations: IL1, VA1 and UC1.

  • Runner. Several new capabilities are available for the agent-less automation service:

  • Job Execution Expiration time – Users now have the ability to set expiration times for a job. This helps users stop unexpected long-running executions; further, users can view detailed status logs to better troubleshoot long-running tasks. The execution will move to a new state EXPIRED after it reaches the specified time. Refer our latest documentation for Job Service Create Job - Password Protected and Update Job - Password Protected for details.

  • New default status of job execution – When a job is executed, the default state is now INITIALIZING. Previously, the default state was PENDING. The new status indicates that various initialization tasks (setting up your inventory, SSH connection setup with the target host, and network setup) are underway, before job execution.

  • More actions for jobs in a PENDING state - now you can STOP and KILL job executions that are in a PENDING state.

  • Wordpress. Several improvements to the hosted Git repositories for Wordpress sites are now available. Highlights include:

    • Backup and Restore Reliability - Process improvements have been made to eliminate customer data loss in the event of component failure.

    • Host-level Security Enhancements - Additional intrusion prevention and DDoS protection has been added at the host level to further harden the environment against threats.

    • Service Availability - Additional infrastructure redundancy has been added to improve uptime.

    • Software Upgrades - The core Gitlab software has been upgraded to take advantage of new features.

  • Managed Pivotal Cloud Foundry. Three important services are now available to beta users of the managed service: Redis, MySQL and RabbitMQ.

Announcements (1)

  • Experimental API Change: Claim Network Response. The POST operation to "Claim Network" API now returns an array of links related to the status of the job and the network itself. Previously, the call returned detailed information about the network.

Ecosystem (2)

  • Silver Peak: Silver Peak WAN Optimization appliances make global distributed applications more accessible than ever. Using their "Set it and forget it" configuration, off-premise IT is delivered to corporate headquarters and branch sites without administration overhead. Try this partner template with your own applications today.

  • Clusterpoint: Clusterpoint's ACID compliant distributed database solution offers NoSQL and SQL interfaces - including a first of its kind stored procedure execution on NoSQL transactions. Accelerate your business with a private installation on Lumen Cloud.

Open Source Contributions (1)

  • Lumen Cloud Chef Knife Plug-In. Chef users can now perform key configuration management functions using Lumen Cloud and Knife, with this open-source plug-in. Over a dozen commands related to servers, data centers, groups, and power operations are supported. Fork the repo on Github to get started.