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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2016

Cloud Platform - Release Notes: August 2, 2016

Updated by David Gardner on Aug 02, 2016
Article Code: kb/454

New Features (3)

  • New Lumen Cloud Data Center - VA2 US (Sterling, Virginia) Now Live.

  • Relational DB: Point in Time Restore

    Users are now able to restore a Relational DB instance to any point in time, from as far back as one week ago (or the customers' backup retention policy, whichever is shorter) to as recent as 10 minutes ago.


  • Runner

    Our automated infrastructure management service has added the following new features:

    • Ansible Module Versions - Users can now specify which version of Ansible modules for CLC, Azure, and AWS as part of their Runner job definition. This will allow users to continue to use specific implementations of the modules rather than the latest release.
    • Marketplace Search - Users can now search for products in the Runner marketplace by vendor name.
    • SHA - The SHA value for a Product is displayed in the informational box on the right of a product install page.
    • Deep Links - Users can deep link to specific vendor products. This allows users and/or vendors to share links to specific products to users. When a user enters the URL, they will first be asked to log into Runner, then they will be brought directly to the vendor product.


Enhancements (1)

  • Lumen Cloud Platform: Inventory Protection

    The Lumen Cloud Platform has added inventory protection for our pool of available Public IP addresses. This change will help to prevent situations in which new Public IP addresses are temporarily unavailable for allocation.

EcoSystem - New Blueprints (2)

  • Two new Blueprints now available on both Lumen Cloud and Lumen Dedicated Cloud (Intelligent Hosting)
    • Apache Httpd 2.4 with PHP 5.6 now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7
    • IIS version 8.5 now available on Windows Server 2012 R2

Announcements (2)

  • MySQL 5.7 has been certified on RHEL 5,6, and 7 - Now available on both Lumen Cloud and Lumen Dedicated Cloud (Intelligent Hosting)
  • Upcoming Enhancements to Authentication & Changes for Your SAML Configuration - In the coming months, Lumen Cloud will be upgrading its authentication service. Many customers will not experience any material changes as a result of this upgrade. However, customers that have enabled SAML for their Lumen Cloud accounts will be required to make configuration changes to ensure that authentication continues to function. Please review this FAQ to understand the action required on your part, if any.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • MySQL 5.5 build process for RHEL 7 is now fixed