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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: May 23, 2017

Updated by Bob Jackson on May 23, 2017
Article Code: kb/234

New Features (1)

Cloud Application Manager

  • Bulk Import of auto discovered instances
    Cloud Application Manager now allows users to register auto discovered instances in bulk. Full instructions on how to use this new feature are available in the Knowledge Base section on our website.

  • Microsoft Azure Resale available for U.K. based customers
    Azure resale to companies based in the United Kingdom is Live! From the Azure Provider, users whose main registered address with Lumen is in the United Kingdom, will be permitted to automatically provision new Azure accounts for consolidated billing and platform level support.

Enhancements (3)

Load Balancer as a Service

Load Balancer as a Service has added URI as a supported load balancing method. This new capability is now available in addition to Least Connection, Round Robin, and Source IP support.

Managed Applications

Application Product Engineering has tested and certified Apache Tomcat 7.0.77, 8.0.43 and 8.5.14 on RHEL 6 and 7.

The Software Policies to use for RHEL 6 and 7 have been combined into a single policy. The script which installs the package is now able to detect which major version of RHEL is targeted for the install, and uses the appropriate RHN channel for the installation.

Safe Haven

This is a patch release for SafeHaven 4.0.1.

The following 3 features/bug-fixes have been introduced:

  1. Improving CMS performance under certain conditions by reducing file writes.
  2. Allowing the deletion of a protection group in a "Failover" state.
  3. Slight improvement of the Test Failover temporary space allocation policy.
    • There is a bare minimum temporary space requirement of 2GB.
    • GUI will suggest a default of 5GB temporary space.
    • Automatic deletion of the test failover instance when there is less than 1GB of free space left.