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Knowledge Base  /  Release Notes  /  2017

Cloud Platform - Release Notes: June 20, 2017

Updated by Mahima Kumar on Jun 16, 2017
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New Features (4)

  • Cloud Application Manager

    • Support for Lumen Dedicated Cloud Compute

      Cloud Application Manager now supports Lumen Dedicated Cloud Compute. When creating a new Provider, users will now see a Provider type "Lumen DCC". If you are an existing Lumen Dedicated Cloud Compute customer, please contact your administrator to obtain Lumen DCC credentials before you setup Lumen DCC as a Provider in Cloud Application Manager. Users will also see default Deployment Policies after creating the Provider.

    • Azure Account Migration to Lumen

      Cloud Application Manager users who are interested in migrating their existing Azure Account to Lumen for Consolidated Billing and Platform Support can now submit requests to Lumen. As part of creating Microsoft Azure Provider, users will now see a new option to request migration of their Microsoft Azure account to Lumen for Consolidated Billing and Platform Support. Your Account Manager will then contact you for next steps.

  • IaaS

    • General Availability of the DE3 public cloud service location

      Our 16th public cloud service location globally and our second in Germany, DE3 provides customers with even more flexibility when planning their cloud strategy. Existing customers in our DE1 German service location now have business continuity opportunities within German borders, while adhering to local data sovereignty policies.

  • Network Exchange

    • Addition of two new endpoints

      Added two new endpoint types that enable "Dedicated Access" to either Lumen or 3rd party workloads and networks, such as dedicated firewall and third party MPLS.

Enhancements (2)

  • Object Storage

    • Enhancements to the backend infrastructure

      Enhancements to backend infrastructure to increase stability and overall availability of the platform.

  • Simple Backup Service

    • Enhancements to the Simple Backup Service Webpage

      We have added support for SAML authentication as well as fixed a bug with the last backup time not reporting correctly on new servers.

Ecosystem Partner Integrations

  • Lumen Marketplace Provider Integrations

    • STASH Secure Digital Vault is an application developed for deploying to up to millions of customers, the consumer-facing version of the STASH Digital Safe™. STASH Secure Digital Vault™ creates the opportunity for your organization, firm or company to offer a custom-branded white label security to your own customers, from a trusted business source they already use. Perfect for banks, post offices, insurance companies and others. As a way to enhance the customer experience, as a thank you for doing business with your company over a competitor, as a way to create definitive peace of mind for your current and future customers to name but a few, there are multiple advantages and opportunities to add value and increase brand equity.

    • STASH Armored Courier lets you easily and very securely share content with colleagues and partners. Want to share information with your colleagues and partners securely in an environment you control? Armored Courier™ is for you. All you have to do is set up in a few minutes and invite your colleagues to join. Then start sharing securely. Seamlessly building on the Digital Safe™ technology and user experience, STASH enables nominated users from anywhere you choose to share data securely. And permissions can be granted or revoked at any time. From your computer to your Armored Courier™ and on to colleagues’ computers, the data is secured and protected with the most advanced encryption. Only the people you nominate can access the data. No more reliance on vulnerable emails.

    • STASH Hibernate is architected for decades-long data resilience & viability. True data archive. STASH Hibernate™ is architected for long-term resilience. We know that storing data for a few years (backup) and storing data for decades at least (archival) are totally different goals, and require different tools and strategies. STASH’s approach to resiliency draws from the lessons of biological systems. We promote diversity in instances, data slicing, hosting options, geography, and formats. Put the data away for a long time and retrieve it with integrity and usability when you need to.

    • STASHBack is a secure back-up for short to midterm storage with no insider risk. Want to back up your data really securely? Want to know that no one at your back-up partner can access your data? Want to ensure that your data is resilient – multiple instances and even multiple storage providers to counter catastrophe or business failure? STASHBack™ is for you. It is easy to install and manage backups across an entire business. Unlike other backup services, we don’t hold the key and we don’t use one key for all the data. Most Backup storage services are not immune from data access and theft by cyber criminals. With a competitive price point, an unmatched end-to-end technology that mitigates identity masquerading, and the erasure of the digital footprint between your company and your valuable data after each use, if you’re backing up data, this is the backup to use.

    • STASHDash is the secure way to share content with a select audience for a limited time. Want to share your content with only a selected audience? Want to determine how often they can access it and over what time frame? Want to share but still have control? STASHDash™ is for you. Dash securely sends content to multiple recipients in a custom branded window. Multi-factor authentication is used to ensure that the users are only those you select. Built on STASH’s digital confetti technology, your content only combines and streams to the users when they authenticate, and only as often as you set. Downloading is intentionally unavailable – this is real ‘view only’.

    • STASHSafe is a secure Data Vault offering for individual staff or customer use. B2B & B2B2C whitelabel model for resellers. Using the STASHSafe™ is as simple as opening a website and dropping your files in, or retrieving your files from folders you set up and control.