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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: October 10, 2017

Updated by Christine Parr on Oct 10, 2017

New Features (1)

  • Simple Backup Anywhere

    Simple Backup now available anywhere!

    Simple Backup is now available anywhere! Simple Backup Anywhere extends Simple Backup outside of CenturyLink Cloud. This allows customers to backup and protect their workloads virtually anywhere outbound internet connectivity is available. You can now use Simple Backup on CenturyLink's traditional hosting platforms (DCC, Intelligent Hosting, Colo) as well as in other cloud provider environments. Please see our Knowledge Base article ( for more information about Simple Backup Anywhere.

  • Cloud Application Manager (CAM)

    Costing Monthly Dashboard

    Building on top of our recently released costing dashboard, Cloud Application Manager customers with Optimized AWS providers now have access to a Monthly Report that provides a granular breakdown of cost by day and by service in order to further understand how an environment is performing financially. Customers can access this new functionality as part of the Analytics site of Cloud Application manager by selecting ‘Cost’ and then ‘Monthly Reports’ from the left-hand navigation bar.

    New Feature to Add Volume Disks to DCC-Foundation

    Cloud Application Manager customers using a DCC-Foundation provider now have the ability to add storage disks to the deployment policies to include additional volumes to their DCC-Foundation deployments.