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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: November 17, 2017

Updated by John Gerger on Nov 16, 2017
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New Features (3)

  • MSSQL Relational DB is now Live!

    Product Highlights include:

  • MSSQL 2016 - Web, Standard, and Enterprise Editions

  • Datacenter availability: NY1, VA1, UC1, IL1, AU1, CA3, GB1, GB3, SG1 (Germany coming soon)

  • Cross-datacenter or inter-datacenter replication (Block Replication)

  • Push-button failover (if replication is purchased)

  • Singular connection string for either replica via DNS

  • Visibility into replication status and server health

  • Fast, reliable backups to local storage, then written to off-site storage

  • Server metrics available in real-time & history (CPU, Disk, Memory)

    For more information, please visit:

  • MySQL Relational DB Updates
  • Now available in GB1

  • Server metrics for CPU, Disk and Memory are now available in the UI. Users can view real-time metrics as well as historical views.

Cloud Application Manager

  • Application Lifecycle Management

    Cloud Application Manager Script Boxes now supports a new type of variable called Multi Options. This new variable type has a similar behavior than the existing Options variable type, but with the ability to select multiple selected values, either as default value or later as an actual value.

Enhancements (1)

Simple Backup

  • Simple Backup Wildcard Restores

    Based on customer feedback, the Simple Backup team has released the ability to use a wildcard during selective restores. The wildcard can be part of the filename or directory path, providing maximum flexibility for our users.

  • Simple Backup Anywhere

    Simple Backup Anywhere has added support for AWS AMI Linux servers. For more information on Simple Backup Anywhere, please see our KB Articles

Announcements (3)

Public Cloud IaaS

  • GB1 Datacenter Announcement

    As part of normal service operation, Lumen evaluates the Lumen Cloud platform resources for capacity, performance and connectivity constraints. Over the past 12 months, Lumen has identified that our GB1 node, in Reading, was running on first generation hardware and would benefit from a hardware refresh. However, our physical facility did not have the physical space necessary to facilitate an in-place expansion. Lumen solved this problem by expanding the GB1 architecture across our high-capacity network to one of our other on-net datacenter facilities.

    Lumen is happy to have successfully completed this significant upgrade to the GB1 node. Customer instances in GB1 are now running in Reading on our latest-generation hyper-converged, hardware platform. Our approach to capacity expansions is to make them completely in the background, as is expected of a cloud service. Extensive network engineering focus and planning went into ensuring all resources were auto-balanced into the upgraded infrastructure seamlessly, without downtime or impact to customer instances. Since the upgrade was completed, we have seen significant performance improvements and have confirmed this with benchmarking by Cloud Spectator, who showed a significant performance of our GB1 node compared to the prior assessment conducted in May 2017 on the older node architecture.

    We recognize that this capacity expansion, while beneficial to customer application performance, has changed the physical location of GB1-hosted workloads. If this alteration to the geography of the Lumen Cloud platform introduces any issues around node deployment patterns, we would be happy to work with customers on alternatives which leverage other parts of our global footprint.

  • Removed 3PAR QOS 4 for Utility Storage

    Customers will no longer be able to order 3PAR QOS 4 when ordering Utility Storage when using the DCC UI or SavvisStation Portal.

  • Notice of Microsoft SQL Server Fee Change

    The following notice was sent to all MSSQL clients on Thursday, November 16th.

    Beginning [60 days following notice date], 2018, the service fees for Microsoft SQL Server on Lumen Cloud will change. As a result of a recent rate increase notification from Microsoft, we have re-evaluated our pricing for Microsoft SQL Server and are implementing the following price change to account for the increase and adjust based on the overall market.

    Customers will be billed the following new rate for any existing and new Microsoft SQL Server deployments.

    Product/Service Description Billing Type Current Price New Price
    Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition Per vCPU license per month* Monthly $4.89 $8.00
    Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition Per vCPU license per month* Monthly $79.00 $125.00
    Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition Per vCPU license per month* Monthly $299.00 $440.00

    * 4 vCPU minimum per Microsoft licensing terms

    Should you have additional questions, please contact your Sales Representative or email

Cloud Application Manager

  • AWS Optimization and Analytics available for U.K. based customers

    AWS Optimization and Analytics for companies legally based in the United Kingdom is Live! From the AWS Provider, CAM org administrators, will be permitted to automatically complete share-shift migrations or provision new AWS accounts for consolidated billing, analytics, and platform level support.

Bug Fixes (1)

DCC General Bug Fixes

  • DCC Core - CPU/Memory Utilization

    Fixed CPU/Memory utilization differences between what is displayed in SavvisStation Portal and the new DCC UI.