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Cloud Platform - Release Notes: October 2, 2018

Updated by Anthony Hakim on Oct 02, 2018
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Enhancements (4)

Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC)

Customers using the DCC UI now have the ability to:

  • Perform an export to CSV, to capture the details of their resources.
  • Update the preferred name of a Virtual Machine Instance.

Simple Backup Monitoring

We are pleased to announce the addition of monitoring functionality to the Simple Backup Service. The Simple Backup monitoring functionality currently allows users to subscribe to email alert notifications for failed, or successful backups and easily enables users to view the statuses of their backups. We are currently working on WebHooks for monitoring as well, so stay tuned for future updates when that feature is available. Please see our knowledge base articles for more information on monitoring features.

Cloud Application Manager

Automatic Discovery of Resources

Cloud Application Manager now includes the ability to enable automatic synchronization of unregistered resources in the providers that are either managed or optimized by Lumen. This feature will refresh the available unregistered instances for AWS, Azure, Lumen Cloud and Lumen Private Cloud on vCloud Foundation Provider types every 20 minutes, enabling the automatic discovery of resources without requiring a full synchronization process. Users can set the 'Automatic discovery of resources' toggle at provider creation time or through the Edit properties button in the Provider details page.

Cloud Optimization

Azure Reserved Instances

Cloud Application Manager now supports ordering and billing for Azure Reserved Instances in Optimized, Azure accounts. Create a support ticket to order RIs. Reserved Instance benefits will become available immediately after purchase. Benefits of Reserved Instances will be visible in Cloud Application Manager usage history. Up-Front costs for Reserved Instances will be shown on the invoice following your purchase. Click here for more information.

Announcements (1)

Application Lifecycle Management

Data removal from Applications Dashboard

We are currently working towards redesigning the Applications Dashboard view. As part of that, we will no longer provide financial information on any of the Applications Dashboard page. For Monthly cost information please visit our Analytics Site.