IPS - Centurylink Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC) FAQ

Updated by Client-Security on Apr 04, 2016
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FAQ for Installing and Implementing IPS Anywhere for CenturyLink Dedicated Cloud Compute (DCC)

This document is intended to summarize (aka Quick Start) the installation and notification configuration steps for CLC’s IPS “Anywhere” service as derived from the services public KBs.


KB: https://www.ctl.io/knowledge-base/security/getting-started-with-ips/#prerequisites

Installing IPS on Target Server

The IPS “Anywhere” install requires 1-2 command lines to initiate the install of the servers IPS agent and automatically handles all of the backend configurations behinds the scenes.

KB: https://www.ctl.io/knowledge-base/security/ipsanywhere/

Content Properties
Name Type Description Req.
CLC_USERNAME string Control Portal user name value Yes
CLC_PASSWORD string Control Portal password value. Yes

Linux-based Operating Systems

Content Example
Install Command
curl https://api.client-security.ctl.io/ips/scripts/install.sh | sudo CLC_USERNAME=<your.clc.username> CLC_PASSWORD=<your.clc.password> CLOUD_PROVIDER=CTL_DCC bash

Windows-based Operating Systems

Content Example
Set Server to Accept Install
Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -Scope Process
Install Command
(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile("https://api.ts.client-security.ctl.io/ips/scripts/install.ps1","$env:temp\install.ps1") ; cd $env:temp ; .\install.ps1 -controlUser "<your.clc.account>" -controlUserPassword "<your.clc.password>" -accountAlias "<your.clc.account,alias>" -cloudProvider "CTL_DCC"


There are two ways to set/update IPS event notifications. The first is to send a request to help@ctl.io for the Client Security Team and the second is to send a request to the IPS API directly.

If sending an email, send the following data as needed:

  • The servers to update the notification on
  • The email addresses or email addresses to send notifications to.
  • The WebHook URL to send notifications to. NOTE: There can only be 1 WebHook setup.
  • The syslog server to forward event data to. NOTE: There can only be 1 syslog server setup.

The full documentation for the IPS API is documented in the KB link listed below. Examples of how to request each of the notification mediums (Email, Slack, Webhook, & Syslog) are reviewed.

Additional KBs and Links