CenturyLink Cloud Anti-Affinity Policies

Updated by Chris Little on Jun 01, 2015
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CenturyLink Cloud offers customers Hyperscale Servers – an instance type that is designed for distributed workloads that require maximum performance. Hyperscale offers the same top-tier CPU and RAM performance found in our standard servers – and adds 100% flash storage. That means customers can typically expect at least 15,000 IOPS to turbo-charge applications.

Anti-affinity policies make it possible to spread workloads across physical hosts. When a new server is created and references an anti-affinity policy, the CenturyLink Cloud platform makes sure that all the virtual servers in that policy are distributed to unique physical hosts.

Prerequisites to Leverage Anti-Affinity Policies

  • A Hyperscale enabled Data Center. Refer to the Centurylink Cloud Feature Availability Matrix for a list of Cloud locations that support Hyperscale
  • A Hyperscale Virtual Machine. Customers can only apply Anti-Affinity Policies to Hyperscale Virtual Machines. Standard Virtual Machines are not supported at this time.

Creating an Anti-Affinity Policy

  1. In the left navigation pane click on Infrastructure > Policies > Hypsercale Anti-Affinity

    anti-affinity policy GUI

  2. Select Create Anti-Affinity Policy. Input a name for the Policy and choose a Hyperscale Enabled Data Center. Anti-Affinity Policies are Data Center specific. Once done select the create button.

    Create anti-affinity policy

Creating a Virtual Machine with an Anti-Affinity Policy

Create a new Hyperscale virtual server in CenturyLink Cloud. When doing so the ability to choose an Anti-Affinity policy will be available. Select the policy you wish to leverage.

Create new hyperscale VM and apply policy

Adding an Existing Virtual Machine to an Anti-Affinity Policy

Navigate to the Hyperscale Virtual Machine in the Servers portion of control. In the Server Info portion of the page select apply and choose the Anti-Affinity Policy you wish this VM to leverage.

add vm to policy