Group Snapshots

Updated by Jake Malmad on May 22, 2013
Article Code: kb/1011

There are a myriad of uses for Virtual Machine snapshots, common use cases include pre/post-patching roll back and protection, or reverting machine changes to a preserved state in a demo environment. This article will illustrate two means of utilizing snapshots on a group of servers.

CenturyLink Cloud’s “Groups” are a powerful feature which enable the management of large groups of virtual machine, including executing scripts, controlling power state, and of course- taking and reverting snapshots.

To manually take a snapshot of a group, select the snapshot icon from the root of the desired group:


You will be shown a list of the servers, and can select the machines that you desire to be snapped:


Simply selecting “OK” will begin the snapshot process.

There are cases wherein a customer will benefit from taking or reverting snapshots of a group on a regular basis, such as prior to scheduled patching. CenturyLink Cloud’s scheduling agent makes it easy to manage this task- simply select the “Schedules” tab of the desired group:


Click the “+ Schedule Task” button to begin adding a new task. Select the appropriate action and desired time (i.e. Create or Delete Snapshot). Click save, and a snapshot of your group will be taken at the desired time.