How to Associate Additional Private IPs with a Cloud Server

Updated by Chris Little on Apr 18, 2018
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For some scenarios, you may want more than one private IP associated with a cloud server. While the Control Portal does not offer this ability directly, customers can leverage Cloud Blueprints to achieve it. Note that while you can follow these steps to add a new private IP, there is no self-service way to remove a private IP.


If you experience issues or have questions with the execution of this blueprint package contact customer care.

Detailed Steps

  1. Log into the Control Portal.

  2. From the side menu bar, locate Orchestration > Blueprint Library. Select the data center your server is located in.

    Data Center Menu

  3. Use the Search term 'ip address' to refine the library list and find the Add Private IP Address blueprint package.

    search library

  4. Select the blueprint package, and use the deploy blueprint button.

    select and deploy package

  5. Select the virtual machine you wish to add the additional IP address to from the server menu list, and proceed to Next: Step 2.

    select server for ip address

  6. Perform a final validation of the blueprint package and select deploy blueprint.

    validate configuration

  7. Once the blueprint job completes validate the additional private ip address is present in the Control Portal & inside the Virtual Machine's Operating system.