How to Associate Additional Private IPs with a Cloud Server

Updated by Richard Seroter on Mar 19, 2015


For some scenarios, you may want more than one private IP associated with a cloud server. While the Control Portal does not offer this ability directly, customers can leverage Cloud Blueprints to achieve it. Note that while you can follow these steps to add a new private IP, there is no self-service way to remove a private IP.

Detailed Steps

  1. Log into the Control Portal.
  2. From the side menu bar, locate the Design Blueprint option under Orchestration. Data Center Menu
  3. Give the new Blueprint a name, version number, visibility setting, and description. When finished, click the next: add servers button at the bottom. Data Center Menu
  4. Because we are going to run this Blueprint against an existing server, there is no need to explicitly add a server to this Blueprint. Click the next: tasks & order button.
  5. Click the gray add task button to pop up a window that lists public, private, and shared software/script packages.
  6. Find the public package named Add IP Address and select it. Click the add button. Data Center Menu
  7. On the Blueprint designer, see the automatic prompt to choose which server to run this Add IP Address task on. Because we want this to be reusable for any server, choose the Select During Deployment option from the dropdown list and click the add task button.
  8. Click the next: review button, and assess the Blueprint. If satisfied, click the submit for publishing button. Data Center Menu
  9. View the Servers under Infrastructure and identify the server that needs additional private IP addresses. Record the name of that server. Data Center Menu
  10. The previously-built Blueprint will be available immediately in whichever cloud data center you built it in, and within minutes, be available in every cloud data center around the world. Click on the new Blueprint under Orchestration > Blueprints Library to view the details. Data Center Menu Data Center Menu
  11. Click the deploy blueprint button and select the target server from the dropdown list. Note that because the Select During Deployment option was chosen at design time, this Blueprint can be used over and over again with ANY server in ANY datacenter. Also be aware that this Blueprint works whether the server is powered on or off. Click the next: step 2 button. Data Center Menu
  12. Review the proposed change and click deploy blueprint. Note that you are not prompted for a network, as the IP address is taken from the same network that the server is already part of.
  13. After the Blueprint complete, revisit the affected server's details page and observe the new private IP address. Data Center Menu
  14. Confirm the new IP address on the server itself by using your VPN connection to connect to the target server. In the screenshot below, the Windows Server machine shows the two IP addresses. Data Center Menu