Conference Calls and Guided Troubleshooting as a Service Task

Updated by Chris Little on Sep 15, 2015
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Our team of engineers has deep operational expertise to quickly and efficiently perform troubleshooting in Infrastructure to quickly identify issues. Just give us the details on your request, including a list of expectations on what information you want from the troubleshooting session – and we'll reply with an estimate, along with a projected completion date for the task. If you wish to have a conference call during the troubleshooting we will work with you during core business hours to find a suitable time slot. Refer to our website for additional information.


  • Lumen Cloud Customers


  • A clear goal defined for the troubleshooting/conference call

Supported Conference Call Medium

Lumen Cloud only supports troubleshooting and conference calls over phone bridges.

Please note: We request at least 1 business day of notice for scheduling troubleshooting conference calls in order to guarantee an engineer can attend. If a more immediate troubleshooting session is required, we are able to staff at best effort and will confirm availability.

Supported Areas of Troubleshooting

Lumen Cloud service task engineering supports troubleshooting of the infrastructure environment, as well as offering advice on networking and system configurations. We do not support Operating System or Application level troubleshooting.

Detailed Steps to Request a Conference Call Service Task

  1. Send email to This will automatically create a ticket for the Service Tasks team to review.

  2. You will get an acknowledgement that we have received your request. Requests are reviewed by our Service Tasks team daily.

  3. From there, we work with you and your team to ensure the task is completed as requested. Updates on progress are provided via our ticketing system.