Upcoming Enhancements to Authentication & Changes for Your SAML Configuration

Updated by Jared Ruckle on Jun 01, 2016
Article Code: kb/471


In the coming months, CenturyLink Cloud will be upgrading its authentication service. Many customers will not experience any material changes as a result of this upgrade. However, customers that have enabled SAML for their CenturyLink Cloud accounts will be required to make configuration changes to ensure that authentication continues to function.

This FAQ will help you understand the action required on your part, if any.

What is changing?

CenturyLink is upgrading the authentication technology used in its cloud services. There will be no change to the functional experience for users, only the underlying technology "behind the scenes".

Why is this change happening?

The new authentication service will, over time, offer more features and flexibility for how users login to our services.

What does this mean for me as a SAML user?

You will need to update your SAML configuration settings - this is likely a matter of updating a few fields in your identity management systems.

What if I don't use SAML?

Then no action on your part is required as a result of this change.

To learn more about SAML in the CenturyLink Cloud, read Using SAML for Single Sign On in the CenturyLink Cloud and Using SAML for Multi-Factor Authentication to CenturyLink Control Portal.

When is this happening?

We anticipate this change happening in the coming months. We will communicate more details about this date when we have greater clarity.

When do I have to do it?

Users will have a specific window of time on a specific day to make this change. CenturyLink will communicate details of this window as we get closer to the upgrade.

When the time comes, what do I need to do?

You will need to update your SAML configuration settings in your identity provider systems. The specific fields will vary based on the provider you use.

What complications could arise?

The main factor is the identity provider that you use for single sign-on. If your provider can support multiple sources for SAML configurations, we would forecast few complications. If your provider can only support one configuration at a time, then there is less margin for error. If you would like to discuss your specific SAML configuration, please contact us via ticket at help@ctl.io.

Can I test the new service in advance?

We would be interested in working with you on early access if your provider supports multiple configurations. Please contact us via ticket at help@ctl.io.

Is there any change to your pricing or costs?

No, there are no changes to your pricing due to this upgrade.