I just submitted a feature request. Now what?

Updated by Matthew Ordman on Aug 01, 2019
Article Code: kb/919


We encourage feature request submissions from customers either through our email alias or through the Control Portal.

More details on that process can be found here.

So what happens once ideas are submitted?

Here's the process.

  1. Each item is reviewed by a cross-section of stakeholders, lead by our product ownership team.
  2. The item is either rejected or accepted. A decision is either reached immediately, or is postponed to allow for "community" feedback based on a larger external audience.
  3. The status of "accepted" items is not systematically available. This is due to the fluid, agile nature of our development cycle. Note that a backlog of accepted items is regularly reviewed and prioritized.
  4. Release notes with new capabilities are published after every development cycle.