Redundant, high-speed connectivity for your cloud apps


Scale environments and leverage the massive network capacity of each Lumen Cloud data center. Each location is constantly monitored for aggregate bandwidth utilization, which allows for accurate capacity planning. This, in turn, ensures that each data center delivers high performance, even when sudden spikes or sustained bursts of traffic occur.


Deliver superior uptime with Lumen’s multi-provider approach. Customer traffic is automatically connected to the best performing route across the Internet, thereby reducing latency and providing a more reliable and consistent experience.

"No Commit" Utility Pricing

Pay for what you use without minimum commitments, “bursting” charges or penalties. Customers on the Lumen Cloud are simply charged for the traffic across the public Internet (intra-data center traffic is not charged). Customers in data centers that don’t track bandwidth don’t get charged for bandwidth traffic. And, we have one of the lowest “Per GB out” prices in the market. Traffic charges are symmetrical, so there’s no penalty for uploads vs. downloads.

Internet Bandwidth Data Transfer

Outbound only, inbound is free. Price per GB transferred.

$0.05 / GB

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Lumen Cloud Recognized by Frost & Sullivan

Lumen honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 “Company of the Year” award.

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