Load Balancers for Cloud Apps

Keep things running smoothly with shared load balancers


Real-world application performance can be unpredictable. To ensure maximum uptime and reliability, the Lumen Cloud platform offers flexible cloud load balancers to meet the unique requirements of your apps.

Proven Performance

Cloud Load Balancing from Lumen uses a multi-tenant, scalable and programmable infrastructure presented to the customer as a service.

Self-Service Shared Load Balancers

Create cloud load balancer configurations that use either “least connection” or “round robin” routing policies, and either standard or sticky persistence.


Cloud Load Balancers

Self-Service Cloud Load Balancers

Create, configure and manage pools of virtual servers, using our intuitive user interface. Supports “round robin” and “least connections“ routing methods and multiple persistence options.

Load Balancing Activity

View Real-Time Status & Recent Activity

Complete details on your cloud load balancing service at your fingertips — billing, bandwidth, and details on each pool of servers.

Cloud Load Balancer Portal

Setup in Minutes

Point-and-click to configure your load balancer, and assign up to 10 virtual servers per virtual IP address. Choose either “standard” or “sticky” persistence.

Use Cases

Improved Fault Tolerance

Cloud load balancing helps keep applications online and traffic flowing, even if some resources aren’t available. Dynamically re-route incoming traffic to the resources that are online, reducing the likelihood of a poor user experience and extended downtime.

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User Convenience & Better Performance

Web applications usually need to scale up over time. With load balancing from Lumen, you can easily scale to support more users, while providing a single URL backed by multiple servers. In addition, SSL offloading can be performed to accelerate processing.

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Cost Savings

Developers don’t always know the demands of their workloads or are constantly changing design to further optimize. With a Lumen load balancer on your network, the load balancer infrastructure can scale in seconds when needed to ensure application performance stays where you want it and you only pay for what you need.

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Speed to Market

With the current pace of business, speed to market can dictate success or failure. The speed to deliver your application to the end user is critical. With a load balancer on Lumen Cloud, you can create infrastructure that can scale to meet the needs of your application when you need it most.

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Delivered as a Service

You no longer have to be a network engineer to get the required network performance to serve your application. Within Lumen Cloud, we deliver load balancing as a service so that you can focus on the application development needed to service your customer.

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Cloud Load Balancer Subscription

Subscription to cloud load balancer

$0.03 / hour
Cloud Load Balancer Usage

Fully self-service shared load balancer

$0.01 / hour
Shared Load Balancer

Fully self-service shared load balancer

$0.04 / hour

Shared Load Balancer and Load Balancing-as-a-Service availability is mutually exclusive. Check the pricing Estimator or the Control Portal for geographic availability.

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