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Simplified governance, faster application delivery and lower costs,
powered by Cloud Application Manager.

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Managed Services Anywhere, powered by the award-winning, best-of-breed Cloud Application Manager, simplifies management of your hybrid IT environment and gives you the flexibility to change the insource/outsource mix of management activities anytime. Whether you have physical servers or cloud services, Managed Services Anywhere can take on the downstream operational complexity to facilitate all phases of your journey TO the cloud, as well as deep transformation ON the cloud.

On-Demand Orchestration
& Management

The broad list of management activities available with Managed Services Anywhere includes build automation, application connectivity, monitoring, scaling policies, workload deployments, patch management, incident management and ongoing support for both Mode 1 and Mode 2 workloads.

A growing menu of managed technologies encompasses:

Attach Advanced Managed Services (AMS) for a tailored support experience and additional alignment, system design and governance consulting.

Managed Services Anywhere improves business agility
Maximum uptime by leveraging Managed Services Anywhere.

Simplified Governance

Manage your environments with simplicity and flexibility. Managed Services Anywhere provides you one managed service provider, one service subscription, one service term, one Technical Account Manager (TAM) for all cloud platforms, with one comprehensive 24/7 global operations team to deliver a simplified experience, and the ability to change workload support levels, resource intensity and service scope, and the insource/outsource balance at anytime.

Flexibly choose your workload tier support levels to have:

  • Alerting only
  • OS management
  • Database management
  • Web application management

Manage your environments efficiently while keeping core competencies in-house, offloading downstream complexity and coverage as desired.

Managed Services Anywhere improves business agility

Faster Application Delivery

Managed Services Anywhere automation workflows can reach as far into the customer’s CI/CD pipeline as desired with options to handoff at application deployment, IaaS/PaaS build out, or further upstream code commit points. Developers’ choice of dev tools, cloud platforms, and CI/CD pipeline practices can be maintained when handing off to our deployment automation workflows to help minimize callouts for DevOps teams, with our 24x7 operations team covering most events without escalation. Leveraging Lumen for cloud application deployment speeds delivery and allows you to focus more IT resources on development to increase digital transformation velocity.

Managed Services Anywhere helps save on operational overhead
Managed Services Anywhere monitoring account by TAMs help reduce costs

Save on Operational Costs

Managed Services Anywhere helps to minimize time, effort, and your OpEx costs by:

  • Using pre-defined workflows to solve common problems with the Alert Instruction Management Service (AIMS), and continuously expanding and refiningyourset of automation scripts for event remediation.
  • Leveraging proactive recommendations for right-sizing instances from your TAM who reviews trends such as infrastructure cost, lifecycle, and specific instance usage.
  • Consuming Managed Services Anywhere on a committed term basis whenever cloud spend is predictable. Purchasing services and public cloud capacity through Lumen to receive significant benefit from consolidated billing.

Lumen-led Cloud Support Services also leverage Cloud Optimization & Analytics to identify numerous optimization patterns to better align cloud spending with usage patterns, and through our optional AMS Managed Optimization Service, Lumen removes the burden of optimizing cloud spending patterns by actively managing the cloud supply chain on your behalf, delivering predictable savings.

Managed Services Anywhere monitoring account by TAMs help reduce costs

Full Visibility

Judiciously inform your Development, Operations, Finance, and teams beyond of your cloud programs and statuses with full visibility into deployments, management activities, workload metrics, usage trends, cost allocations for internal chargebacks, and integrated optimization guidance.

For physical servers, gain full visibility to server health metrics, management activities and other available default and customized monitoring checks.

Managed Services Anywhere Features

Support & Administration
  • Designated Technical Account Manager via Advanced Managed Services
  • Business strategy development and executive reviews, as requested, with your TAM who helps align business and technology strategies within your organization
  • Access to 24/7 Global Operations Support Center
  • 365/24/7 engineer availability to perform systems administration tasks
  • Customer-provided (BYOL), platform-provided and Lumen-provided licensing models supported
  • Consolidated billing of cloud platform services with cloud management when services are purchased through Lumen
  • Proprietary Watcher agent collects and tracks metrics, monitors log files and sets alarms. Integration with public cloud provided monitoring tools is available.
  • Provides deeper context for fluctuating metrics through anomaly detection, forecast and predictive monitoring
  • Dashboard view of policies and alerts on all managed servers, VMs, applications and services
  • Graphing of performance data for managed servers, VMs, applications and services
  • Configurable historical performance data retention policies
Patching & Automations
  • Management and deployment of all critical and vendor-recommended patches on managed servers.
  • Lumen bundles and delivers Service Packs, updates and hotfixes for installation on managed OSs and managed applications (based on managed workload tier options chosen)
  • Automated or manual remediation to issues initiated in response to monitoring alerts
  • Alert Instruction Management Service (AIMS) and AI/ML continuously evolving for early detection and automated issue prevention
  • Delivered via Orchestration Tooling for consistency and governance
  • Modeling of applications, workloads and cloud infrastructure services allows for efficient and repeatable deployment models
  • Post application deployment verification
  • Confirmation of post-deployment functionality
  • Ability to connect network exchange groups, add end points, define subnets, etc.
Security & Cost Optimization
  • Deploy, configure and monitor fully managed security technologies on your cloud resources
  • Advice and best practices recommendations for cloud workload migrations
  • Performance optimization advice through deployment adjustments
  • Cloud Cost Optimization through consolidation and workload modifications guidance
Configuration & Cloud Services
  • Installation and deployment of supported OS and application components and native cloud services (where applicable)
  • Perform configuration management on all managed servers and virtual machines (VMs) via remote administration agent
  • Maintains version control of deployed VMs, servers, applications and services

For more complex challenges, easily engage with Lumen to add optional services such as Advanced Managed Services and IT Solutions Consulting and Implementation Services.

Use Cases

Managed Services Anywhere enables Improved governance
Improved Governance

When IT can’t deliver cloud services fast enough, teams may go directly to public cloud service providers, often without fully understanding the services and therefore deploying the wrong – or excessive, costly – resources. The result is “Shadow IT,” which can lead to increased costs and security risks. Managed Services Anywhere is poised to prevent Shadow IT through auto-discovery of cloud resources.

Managed Services Anywhere enables faster application delivery
Deliver Applications Faster

As businesses move more and more of their operations online, they begin to see more urgency to change how infrastructure is built and maintained, and how software applications are developed and deployed. Software development functions and IT operations have combined to focus on agile, continual upgrades to software design, integration, delivery, and monitoring.This presents significant opportunities for businesses to differentiate themselves.

Lower your cloud spend by leveraging Managed Services Anywhere
Lower Costs

The skills required to support existing or legacy applications aren't necessarily the same required to support cloud-native apps. This challenges IT departments to retain an experienced staff to maintain production environments, support development teams, and expand skillsets to stay relevant in the market. But what if you could have instant access to a large staff of experienced, credentialed multi-disciplinary professionals?

“Managed Services Anywhere was a game-changer for our organization. Our Lumen Technical Account Manager helped us benefit from of a wide range of services to optimize our multi-cloud infrastructure."

— CTO, Global Beverage Company

Certifications and Compliance

Lumen holds advanced service certifications for the leading cloud platforms as an AWS MSP, Microsoft Gold Level Partner, Google Cloud Platform Partner and VMware vCloud Verified Partner.

With more than 40 unique certifications and 400 total certifications across 200 individually certified staff members on our global application desk and cloud operations teams, we have a demonstrable commitment to excellence in this practice. Our team members are further trained and qualified through our own rigorous Cloud Academy program to apply best practices from the latest cloud innovations and automation inherent to our hybrid Cloud Application Manager platform. This is all fundamental to our Managed Services Anywhere, Advanced Managed Services and IT Solutions Consulting and Implementation practices.

Lumen offers certified expertise in AWS cloud management
Lumen offers certified expertise as a Microsoft Azure Gold partner
Lumen offers certified expertise in AWS cloud management
Lumen offers certified expertise in Google cloud management

As a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) MSP Partner, Lumen has proven expertise in deploying, managing and optimizing AWS services. Lumen teams have proven success delivering low-latency access to virtually endless AWS resources paired with dynamic, network-aware orchestration, for truly optimized Hybrid IT solutions.

Our status as a Microsoft Azure Gold Partner recognizes Lumen’s experience and reliability in all aspects of hybrid cloud infrastructure, enabling us to support customers' complex digital transformations, whether with Azure alone, or integrating with other cloud hosting platforms.

Lumen's VMWare Cloud Verified and VMware Partner Premier Service Provider certifications make us part of the world’s largest network of validated cloud services based on VMware technology. VMware's Cloud Verified designation is proof of our expertise in integration, operability, flexibility and cost optimization.

Our status as a Google Cloud Platform partner further emphasizes our ability to provide expertise and guidance across the market leading platforms in order to ensure that our customers have confidence in our ability to provide them support, regardless of their chosen execution venue.

SOC 2 Compliance

Cloud Application Manager is SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant

The Cloud Application Manager platform, which powers Managed Services Anywhere, is fully SOC 2 Type 1 Compliant. This means Lumen has passed a rigorous process regarding our availability, security, confidentiality and system integrity controls. This is crucial for Customers who need Lumen to interact with protected health information (PHI) and are concerned about patient-protection laws like HIPAA. It means we have been evaluated and fully vetted as operating a safe, secure system your data is safe on.

Managed Services Anywhere Customer Success Stories

A Guided Journey TO the Cloud

A global beverage company needed to partner with an experienced service provider who could design and deploy a scalable, cloud-enabled platform that spanned multiple locations and environments, incorporated scripted architecture installations, and provided essential backup. Lumen worked with the company to design a scalable architecture on an AWS environment where Lumen Managed Services Anywhere facilitates its computing needs and security requirements, and provides event, incident and change management.

“We were beginning to think we wouldn't find a vendor to meet all our needs. But Managed Services Anywhere fit the bill completely...”
IT Manager

Digital Transformation ON the Cloud

When a State Government started a project to move its legacy cloud-based hosting environment to AWS, it needed an experienced partner to assist in designing and configuring a platform to quickly adapt to complex enterprise-wide applications with minimal business logic and a simple architecture. The Lumen Managed Services Anywhere solution integrated AWS infrastructure with network, infrastructure (Cloud Connect), security services, monitoring, consulting and enterprise service management, and Disaster Recovery solutions.

“The State now has a predictable cost model for its public cloud infrastructure and information security measures in place...”
State Government IT Manager

"Managed Services Anywhere has enabled this organization to transcend our previous state of Shadow IT and cloud fatigue. It's like having an entire department of IT experts on-demand to solve specialized problems that would otherwise distract us from our primary objectives."


To allow customers the flexibility to tailor the level of support that is needed for varying workloads, Managed Services Anywhere support level options range from alerting only to fully managed workloads, up to and including their databases and web application servers.

Support for Managed Services Anywhere

Technical Account Manager is your personal cloud management liaison

Technical Account Managers are specialists that help you get maximum business value from your Hybrid IT Solutions through Managed Services Anywhere.

Every Managed Services Anywhere customer is assigned a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM). Your TAM is your go-to contact for all services and support, and is a hands-on, certified Cloud expert with experience across all levels of Hybrid IT. Your TAM will support you across every platform — whether it's a physical server, AWS, Azure, Lumen or any other service provider. They are part of Lumen’s Solutions Consulting organization, so they have broad expertise integrating solutions for maximum efficiency and performance.

General Support

Links are provided within the Cloud Application Manager portal to open a ticket with a response time of less than 6 hours.

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