Managed Services Anywhere delivers improved governance and control

Better Governance of Multi-Cloud Environments

It’s difficult for IT to implement company standard policies and maintain security if it doesn’t know what cloud resources are deployed and who has access to them. If a company’s big data analytics team utilizes Azure services while the DevOps team uses AWS, how does IT quickly give them access to the resources they need while maintaining the ability to manage multiple clouds?

When IT can’t deliver cloud services fast enough, teams may go directly to cloud service providers without understanding these services and deploy the wrong resources. The result is “Shadow IT,” which can lead to increased costs and security risks. Higher costs are driven by teams and individuals oversizing their compute resource, and leasing resources for more time than is needed. Security risks increase when individuals deploy non-standard company policies when provisioning instances.

Hiring and Training, or Managed Services?

Enterprise and mid-market businesses moving to a multi-cloud environment hope to achieve cost savings, increase speed to market, and reduce shadow IT. Some, however, struggle to find the benefits they anticipated. These businesses lack the in-house resources required to transition from private data centers to multi-cloud environments while also monitoring and maintaining cloud services related to compute, storage, network, and security. When a business needs to grow its IT team to support a multi-cloud environment, it has two choices: hire employees, or partner with a managed service provider.

Lumen’s Solution: Managed Services Anywhere

With Lumen Managed Services Anywhere, powered by Cloud Application Manager, our cloud experts augment customers’ IT teams. Lumen engineers have a single pane of glass for managing cloud resources from different cloud service providers with the Lumen Cloud Application Manager platform, and they’re poised to prevent Shadow IT through auto-discovering cloud resources used under your account.

For faster provisioning, your company’s IT team can also work with Lumen engineers to establish a catalog of standard policies that can deploy anytime. The standardization of policies provides IT with better governance over the cloud environment and drives consistency in cloud policies across organization, teams, projects, and employees. To further mitigate security risks, Lumen engineers can patch vulnerabilities or deploy updates to mitigate security breaches. Your IT staff and Lumen engineers can also view access logs to help identify a potential breach. Lumen engineers can help control cloud costs by identifying underutilized resources and recommend decommissioning them or decreasing their size. Additional cost efficiency can be recognized when a multi-cloud approach is utilized to leverage the best of every cloud platform available and provide guidance on running the right workload, in the right place, at the right time.

Managed Services Anywhere enables faster application delivery

Agile Development Demands Faster Application Delivery

As more businesses move most of their operations online, they’ve created a need to change how technology infrastructure is built and maintained, and how software applications are developed and deployed. Software development functions and IT operations have combined to focus on agile, continual upgrades to software design, integration, delivery, and monitoring.

One task IT leaders face is identifying all the opportunities where faster application delivery is needed. One example: As more consumers go online to access services and make purchases, they want transactions to be fast and reliable. This is a significant opportunity where businesses can differentiate their customer experience from their competition.

Manage Mission-Critical Applications on Any Cloud Infrastructure

Application Delivery Management achieves fast, predictable and secure access to applications, and ensures critical business applications are available and responsive for users. Managed Services Anywhere, powered by Cloud Application Manager platform, offers powerful Application Lifecycle Management capabilities for orchestration of enterprise mission-critical applications across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted.

Managed Services Anywhere’s interactive visualization tools and optimization, troubleshooting and analytics capabilities handle application services like configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time. Its automation workflows can scale services based on constantly changing business demands and reach as far into the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline as a business requires, with options to hand off at application deployment, IaaS/PaaS buildout, or upstream code commit points.

Developers’ choice of tools, cloud platforms — along with continuous integration, delivery, and deployment pipeline practices — can be maintained to minimize callouts for DevOps teams. Most events can be covered without escalation by our 24x7 operations team. Leveraging Managed Services Anywhere for cloud application deployment speeds delivery and allows businesses to increase digital transformation velocity by freeing more IT resources for development.

Simplify Delivery, Improve Customer Experience

A cloud-based application delivery process offers multiple IT benefits:

  • Simplified Infrastructure: A cloud-based service better equipped to scale globally without compromising the quality of delivery replaces a hardware-based solution.
  • Reduced Costs: Cloud-based application delivery saves on overall costs of hardware acquisition and maintenance. Applications are modeled and shared for mutli-deployment scenarios with auto-reconfiguration, upgrades and canary deployments. And, businesses spend less on support when application performance improves the user experience.
  • Increased Productivity: Employees are more efficient when they can quickly access information and services on applications from any device, anywhere. A consistent configuration and application lifecycle management platform enables rapid innovation and reduces errors.
  • Improved End User Experience: Customers prefer high performance applications, and they’ll use them more frequently when they’re delivered through an efficient cloud-based delivery process.

Managed Services Anywhere helps Lower Costs

Lowering Operational Costs Without Sacrificing Support

The average salary for a cloud engineer, according to the employment search engine Indeed, is $119,020. If you apply the industry standard cost multiplier of 1.7 for fully loaded cost, one cloud engineer costs $202,334 annually.

But that’s only part of the story. You still need to consider the incremental cost of off-hours support. Even accounting for lower-cost offshore support options, 24x7 support will likely increase your cost to $505,835 (2.5x), and that could run significantly higher if you’re based in an expensive area like Seattle, Chicago, or New York City. It's a common problem for companies struggling to keep pace with rapid technological change to find it hard to retain existing staff with high-demand skillsets while keeping operating costs sustainable and predictable.

Outsourcing Tasks Saves Time, Money

The skills required to support existing or legacy applications are not necessarily the same ones required to support a cloud-native application on a public cloud, let alone multiple public clouds. Hiring for those positions presents administrative and financial challenges, putting the IT team into a difficult position as it tries to maintain production environments, support development teams, and expand skillsets to stay relevant in the market. According to the recent 451 Research Cloud Price Index: The Economics of Support and Managed Services, that means you could save a substantial amount by outsourcing enough operational tasks to reduce the time your engineer spends per VM (on average) by just 7 minutes.

Lumen’s Solution: Managed Services Anywhere

To address the need for a consistent support model at an acceptable cost, Lumen Managed Services Anywhere provides a consistent experience across public and private clouds, and access to a large staff of trained and experienced multi-disciplined professionals. Our team of support professionals leverages the ITIL framework for incident response, provides a 24x7 global staff, and gives you a single point of contact, regardless of the cloud that your workload is deployed to. This truly premium service includes many tasks that other providers consider extras. We also include full access to a designated Technical Account Manager (TAM) that is familiar with your public cloud environment(s), as well as your private cloud, network, and any other hosted services managed by Lumen.