Managed Cloudera

A powerful Hadoop distribution, with the most critical add-on services. Managed and maintained by our team of experts, 24x7.

Managed Cloudera by CenturyLink Cloud

Customers are dealing with a mountain of data and a mole-hill of compute and storage resources. In an attempt to solve this problem, IT departments have begun to explore “big data” solutions such as Apache Hadoop. This free open source application is available for enterprise IT departments to download, use and change however they wish. However, for many business users, the need for support and technical expertise often overshadows the lure of free do-it-yourself applications, especially when there are critical IT systems at stake. That's where Managed Cloudera comes in.

CenturyLink Cloud not only provides potentially unlimited resources for your high-performance computing cluster, but also minimizes operational challenges with Cloudera Managed Hadoop.

Managed Cloudera, a powerful Hadoop distribution
Supported Services
  • Apache Hadoop: Reliable, scalable distributed storage and computing
  • Flume: Distributed framework for collecting and aggregating log and event data, and streaming it into HDFS or HBase in real-time
  • HBase (with HBase Option): Scalable record and table storage with real-time read/write access
  • Hive: Metadata repository with SQL-like interface and ODBC/JDBC drivers for connecting BI applications to Hadoop
  • Hue: Apache-licensed browser-based desktop interface for Hadoop
  • Impala: A fully integrated, state-of-the-art analytic database architected specifically to leverage the flexibility and scalability strengths of Hadoop
  • MapReduce: Distributed computing framework for Apache Hadoop
  • Oozie: Workflow engine to coordinate Hadoop activities
  • Sentry: Compliance-ready security
  • Solr: A standalone enterprise search server with a REST-like API
  • Spark: An open source, parallel data processing framework that complements Apache Hadoop to make it easy to develop fast, unified Big Data applications combining batch, streaming, and interactive analytics on all your data
  • Sqoop: Data transport engine for integrating Hadoop with relational databases
  • Zookeeper: Highly reliable distributed coordination service


Tasks performed on behalf of the customer include:

  • Maintain licensing and software assurance with Cloudera for CenturyLink provided licenses
  • Prepare server for application service (OS specific parameters)
  • Install Hadoop software
  • Load Cloudera management tools
  • Perform quality assurance against Hadoop cluster
  • Configure Site Connectivity (Host Headers, TCP Port, IP Address and SSL Certificate allocation)
  • Create/configure individual servers with Hadoop and add-on services
  • Cluster individual nodes to for Hadoop environment
  • Configure User Login capability
  • Configure Hadoop environment to fit customer needs
  • Configure CenturyLink approved maintenance jobs
  • Server monitoring
  • Cluster/network monitoring
  • Restart/Stop/Start services
  • Update managed servers with recommended security patches, minor updates and hot-fixes upon customer request
  • Perform node repair/extraction/insertion without impacting customer use
  • Cloudera minor version upgrades
  • Server OS upgrades
  • Configure services within the CenturyLink ecosystem

Use Cases


Engineers building Hadoop-based apps on traditional infrastructure can take advantage of the public cloud to accelerate product development. Develop new features and test apps on highly elastic cloud instances running Cloudera, then deploy the new enhancements in production. Or just run jobs using sample data in the cloud, and then run the larger data in production once you have the desired results.

Advanced Analytics

Enterprises amass reams of data every day – but the need for processing data in real-time is common. The self-service, elastic nature of the public cloud – and Cloudera – is ideal for security information and event management (SIEM), financial end-of-trading-day number crunching, and log analysis from machines or sensors.

Hadoop on Hybrid Deployment

Deploy a complete hybrid IT enterprise Hadoop solution. CenturyLink Big Data Foundation Services - a complete managed hardware and software solution - can be seamlessly extended to the public cloud for elastic workloads. Use CenturyLink’s advanced networking capabilities to maximize security and performance, while minimizing cost.

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