Security Log Monitoring

Advanced real-time tracking and threat analysis

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Collect, Track, and Prioritize Incidents in Real Time

CenturyLink’s Security Log Monitoring is a rapid threat detection and response platform that collects system and application logs within our hosted data centers, on your premise, or within other hosted or cloud environments.

Our platform identifies indicators of compromise within your logs or security events and then adds deeper context, generating leads and forming cases by combining proprietary and publicly sourced threat intelligence for your internal staff or our security operations center to investigate and escalate as warranted.

Whether we manage your systems or you manage them in-house, we offer this service so you can focus on your core business functions. You can’t do business online without cybersecurity, so our predictable business model helps you keep the cost of security and compliance within your budget.

Managed Security Services Portal User Roles
Managed Security Services Portal User Roles

Meets Security and Compliance Challenges

  • Comprehensive compliance-driven report template library
  • Flexibility allows targeting of key concerns while optimizing security budgets
  • Foundational level of service focuses on monitoring for operational integrity
  • Options available to meet various log retention guidelines
  • Enhanced compliance reporting features available as needed
  • Helps with PCI/HIPPA compliance
  • Maintains raw log storage for future access

View the health of your virtual appliance

Visibility Across IT Sprawl

  • Maintains logging visibility during cloud migration
  • One pane of glass to see security logging throughout entire organization
  • Interactive dashboard widgets offer high degree of customization
  • Role-based access to portal that supports federated integration
  • Options available to scale investment around technology needs
  • Vital to planning for organizational growth

Managed Security Services Portal Dashboard

Security Expertise

  • Provides real-time threat intelligence
  • 24x7x365 SOC monitoring available
  • Incident handling and breach response services available

Security Log Monitoring Features

Portal provides deep visibility into security
  • Simple pricing model based on volume of security-related data transmitted per day
  • Comprehensive role-based web portal for instant visibility and analysis of events
  • Ongoing configuration of the monitoring technology
  • Proactive customer notification and escalation of items of interest
  • Unique risk-based alert process combines automation with rigorous human review
  • Log collection appliance software provided at no charge, with no annual subscription or licensing costs
Deep analysis by security experts
  • Correlates multiple streams of data from real-time events to detect threats at the earliest stages
  • 90 days backup and storage
  • 12 months historical visibility on log data for deep context of threat trends
  • 24/7 support from CenturyLink’s GIAC Certified Intrusion Analysts with multiple years of experience and certifications such as CISSP, CCNA, CCSP, CCSE, CCSA and MCSE
  • Multiple service options available

Use Cases

Staying Ahead of Security Threats

As technology becomes more advanced, so do threats to security. This rising trend correlates with the increasing variety and forms of attacks. Most organizations today deploy a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution to proactively measure and monitor threat management.

Essential Threat Detection

Foundational Monitoring consists of rule sets that find correlations and add context to logged events so they can turn clues into leads. Additional external threat feeds are also used to discover meaningful correlations that indicate a need for further investigation.

Access to Use Cases, Custom Rules

Subscribers to Advanced Monitoring Algorithms gain access to CenturyLink’s entire library of several hundred use cases, extending their ability to detect anomalies across log sources. This includes any new rules created as this library grows.

“CenturyLink can deliver Managed Security Services at a 62% lower cost than hiring a full-time employee — assuming you can find one with the appropriate skill set.”

— Doug Cahill, Enterprise Strategy Group

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