Managed Security Services Portal

Security Log Monitoring with Trending and Threat Analysis Delivered via a Self-Service Portal

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Broad Security.
Deep Analytics.
One Portal.

CenturyLink's Managed Security Services Portal is a platform providing an ecosystem of security services, from managing basic threat detection and response to implementing proactive response cycles with advanced analytics and 24/7 monitoring. This platform provides a simple, full-service security solution that takes the complexity out of adopting a state-of-the-art, comprehensive IT defense strategy.

Managed Security Services Portal User Roles

Balance Security with Accessibility

Quickly adjust role-based logins and modify user access from the easy-to-use portal, ensuring both the access needs of your staff and the security of your system are balanced.

View the health of your virtual appliance

Virtualization Delivers Simplicity

Keep the security and integrity of your systems intact with a no-cost virtual appliance that can be installed in multiple locations. So it will work within your system in its current configuration, without modifications.

Managed Security Services Portal Dashboard

Remain Future-Proof

Our open system architecture is easily and rapidly integrated with the newest, leading-edge security technologies without the need for heavy system rebuilds. You'll never have to worry about migrating to newer technology, because we take care of it for you.

Customer can investigate alerts on their own behalf.

Pay As You Go

Eliminate capital expense, administration, and maintenance costs with our predictable, consumption-based pricing model that charges only for the actual volume of security-related data transmitted.

Managed Security Services Portal Features

Portal provides deep visibility into security
Transparency and Visibility
  • Track the workload of your appliances within the portal.
  • Provide corporate leadership with updates, customized reports, and visual outputs showing true insights about activities inside your network.
  • Communicate within the portal to other security advisors and expert analysts assigned to your system.
  • Within the portal, view your attack surface, monitor user activity, and watch and verify System and Organization Control (SOC) activity performed by your own staff and even CenturyLink SOC staff.
Deep analysis by security experts
Expert Analysis
  • A full staff of expert analysts review data and continuously monitor your environment.
  • Leverage our advanced asset risk profiling and unique risk-based alert process combining automation with rigorous human review to evaluate multiple transaction types.
  • The portal enables you to investigate alerts on your own behalf as well as collaborating with CenturyLink analysts.
  • An overlay staff works directly with you, applying human logic to potential incidents to gauge possible impact.
24/7 monitoring of your system for security concerns
Comprehensive Monitoring
  • 24/7 monitoring, proactive customer notification and escalation of items of interest.
  • Security log monitoring with trending and threat analysis.
  • Track incidents in near-time and see what is happening at every point.
  • 90 days of backup and storage, and visibility up to 12 months of searchable log data to investigate and provide deep context to threat trends
Fully Managed security services
Multi-Level Security
  • Encryption at-rest and in motion.
  • Incident management response service integration.
  • Correlation from multiple streams of data. Insights are pulled from both real-time events and customer asset risk profiles to detect threats at the earliest stage.
  • Communicate securely and confidently within the Portal, among CenturyLink analysts and other team members, as you delve into security investigations.

Use Cases

Staying Ahead of Advanced Threats

As technology becomes more advanced, so do the security threats businesses face. Most organizations today deploy a Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution to proactively measure and monitor threat management. This allows them to obtain an accurate and centralized view of their organization’s security positioning and advanced reporting of both possible and real security incidents.

Countering Insider Security Breaches

The detection of an insider threat is essential to the protection of a network. According to reports from the Information Security Forum (ISF), more than 30% of attacks can be traced and sourced back to some insider in the organization. CenturyLink’s Managed Security Services Portal delivers a broad tool set combined with expert analysis to counter security threats, regardless of their source.

Digital Transformation vs. IT Security

To remain competitive in a rapidly-changing market, organizations must welcome change. They must find solutions to maintain pace without compromising the security of their data and network. All of this is part of Digital Transformation – the good and the bad. CenturyLink’s Managed Security Services Portal is a powerful enabling tool for rapid transformation while minimizing risk.

“CenturyLink can deliver Managed Security Services at a 62% lower cost than hiring a full-time employee — assuming you can find one with the appropriate skill set.”

— Doug Cahill, Enterprise Strategy Group

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Cluster is a minimum of 24 VMs; Infrastructure price not included. Service is free during beta period for those accepted into the program.

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