Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Sophisticated, global analytics and tracking

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Prioritized Threat Data Through an Easy-to-Use Portal

Security Analysts require high fidelity threat intelligence to prioritize work for themselves, their teams and stakeholder organizations. With IT systems facing ever-increasing threats, securing your network begins with knowing which MSSPs are best equipped to fill your security skills gap, reduce complexity and improve the quality of your protection.

That's why it’s important to select a partner who can offer tight business alignment, customization and flexibility in deployment and pricing. With Adaptive Threat Intelligence from Lumen, the burden of appliance maintenance and risk analysis is lifted from your shoulders, allowing you to act on threats rather than digging for them.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence is a market-leading threat intelligence service that gives customers real-time information on interactions with potentially malicious devices. We leverage our extensive global network to provide prioritized threat data correlated to your IP addresses, and deliver it through an easy-to-use portal or directly to your SIEM, without requiring management of on-site equipment. Our flexible filtering strategy helps create high-fidelity threat intelligence that optimizes incident response and investigation. More than just a “threat list,” Lumen provides intelligence aids security personnel can act on.

Combining elements of several network layers can create an effective protection scheme that allows access to legitimate sites, devices and applications by authorized users — while blocking access to addresses that may cause harm to the enterprise. Adaptive Threat Intelligence allows you to act on a data-driven, cyberthreat plan in near real-time.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence

Because ATI continuously sources information from one of the largest IP backbones in the world, customers can see potential threats before they become breaches. Our validation and original threat discovery drives the fidelity of this information to an industry-leading level.


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Risk Scoring

Various parameters make up the ATI Risk Score, and dynamic adjustments are made during the threat event lifecycle. While significant leading-edge research and development goes into the determination of accurate and relevant Risk Scores, the result for ATI customers is the availability of a simple, actionable metric to use in the prioritization of their work.

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Black Lotus Labs

Our Adaptive Threat Intelligence service leverages Lumen’s team of experts, Black Lotus Labs, and global network reach to provide interactive and actionable threat data. It automatically correlates and analyzes threat data to identify attack patterns and prioritizes it for you by leveraging sophisticated, global threat analytics and two-way communications tracking.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence Features

Simple Deployment

  • Portal-based or SIEM reporting and analytics capabilities utilizing event data
  • Actionable, automated, and context-rich reports
  • Historical views

Interactive & Actionable

  • Near real-time, customizable alerting for high-risk events
  • Monitors traffic as it passes through Lumen infrastructure based on sampled network analysis

Global Security Experts

  • 24/7 expert support from Black Lotus Labs
  • Lumen Professional Services engagements offered as an optional add-on
  • Utilizes Lumen proprietary analysis and threat data to correlate traffic against known malicious communication

Flexible Features, Pricing

  • Available in enhanced and premium feature packages
  • Three-tiered pricing based on the amount of IP address space monitored and the service option purchased

Use Cases

A Multi-Layer Approach to Cybersecurity

A multi-layer approach to cybersecurity allows access for legitimate use by authorized users while blocking access to addresses that may harm your business.

Why Do You Need a Risk Score?

The Risk Score is a powerful metric to use for prioritizing responses to potentially malicious devices.

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