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Discovery, Configuration/Policy Assessment and Activity Analytics

Businesses today must leverage technology faster and more cost effectively, either because they’re disrupting a market or because a competitor is disrupting them. That requires leveraging cloud platforms. While they’re generally secure, configuring and using cloud platforms correctly has proven to be a challenge.

Most organizations are rapidly adopting SaaS applications, and many are leveraging AWS or Azure to scale production workloads and research and develop new applications. Although businesses benefit from expanded IT capabilities, data breaches due to misconfiguration of cloud services have increased.

To adopt cloud successfully and enable teams to move at competitive speed, businesses require visibility into who is accessing key enterprise cloud services, what activity is taking place, and how these services are administered. Cloud Security Monitoring provides Discovery, Configuration/Policy Assessment and Activity Analytics to ensure the enterprise cloud is deployed and used securely.

Managed Security Services Portal User Roles


Managed Security Services Portal User Roles


  • Provides a comprehensive Single Pane of Glass view of all network activity in a single dashboard
  • Enables more accurate assumptions about the past to prevent future successful attacks
  • Translates complex, near real-time and historical data into actionable insights

View the health of your virtual appliance

Policy Monitoring

  • Enhances security posture beyond compliance into a best practices solution for proactive and predictive threat management
  • Ensures best practices when configuring cloud environments
  • Helps meet compliance standards

Managed Security Services Portal Dashboard

Anomaly Detection

  • Machine learning detects external and internal threats 24x7x365
  • Helps reduce noise from false positives
  • Helps pinpoint threat sources and follow attack vectors
  • Saves hundreds of man-hours spent gathering critical data by hand

Cloud Security Monitoring Features

Simple Deployment

  • Simply connects to cloud services via API
  • 10 minutes to full visibility into all cloud environments and accounts

24x7 Support from Global Security Experts

  • Global SOC teams monitor activity around the clock
  • Detect use from inside or outside your organization
  • Advanced analytics detect internal and external inappropriate or malicious use of resources

Use Cases

Monitoring Microsoft

For one company, monitoring access to Microsoft solutions was becoming increasingly complex. Through a single interface, the business can see where people are connecting, what the accounts are, who accessed what data, and when they logged into various applications.

Monitoring Geo-Patterns

When security analysts began monitoring a U.S. company’s Microsoft Exchange account, geographic data was one stream that was closely observed. In one instance, a user logged in from Kuwait, which raised alarms.

Monitoring AWS

Security analysts began monitoring VPC logs from an Amazon instance for a U.S. company. The analysts could see traffic hitting SSH services that were exposed to the Internet on one of the company’s machine instances.

“Lumen can deliver Managed Security Services at a 62% lower cost than hiring a full-time employee — assuming you can find one with the appropriate skill set.”

— Doug Cahill, Enterprise Strategy Group

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