CenturyLink CloudWalks

Hands-on learning templates, featuring CenturyLink Cloud and workload tutorials from our Cloud Marketplace Providers.

What is a CloudWalk?

CloudWalks were created to help Change the Conversation around CenturyLink. Technology companies are doing great things on our platform, and a great way to show this off is to let people roll up their sleeves and get experience with these new workloads in a learning environment.

  • Technical Lesson Plans for Technology Gatherings
  • Co-Presented by CenturyLink and Marketplace Provider Partners
  • Learning-Oriented
  • CenturyLink Cloud-Hosted
  • Hands-On

Sample Lessons


Get Started With Docker in 60 minutes using Panamax & CenturyLink Cloud


Build Your First Mobile Application in 60 minutes with CloudMine & CenturyLink Cloud


Optimize Digital User Experiences in 60 Minutes with Dynatrace & CenturyLink Cloud

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