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Dynamic, Passwordless & Flexible Pin Authentication!!

FlexSecure is an Authentication-as-a-Service API platform, providing dynamic, Passwordless and Flexible Pin Authentication. This platform enables organizations of all sizes to choose, or mix and match, appropriate user authentication methods to protect and secure their data sources on their Cloud/Mobile/IT infrastructure.

By adding multi-layered authentication options that may require user interaction before granting access, organizations have the ability to add significant levels of security to protect their data from hackers and prevent unauthorized access.


Fast and Frictionless User Experience
  • No apps to install – Passwordless link & Pin delivered by SMS and email
  • A Flexible User Authentication Platform
  • Passwordless and Flexible Pin Authentication – at the Application level
  • Ability to change Authentication policy in “near real-time”
  • API-based Platform - allows for extensible connection to existing Enterprise systems


$3.50 per Month (for each monthly active user)

Use Cases

Any organization that handles confidential client data and needs to have secure access:

  • Banks, Insurance companies – financial and personal data
  • Hospitals, Medical facilities - medical records
  • Govt. agencies – confidential data sources
  • SaaS platforms – login to application portal
  • Any organization that needs to change authentication process at regular intervals
  • Any organization that needs instant roll-out of authentication changes – in near "real-time"


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