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Bitnami's mission is to make awesome software available to everyone, everywhere.

We have automated processes to track the latest release of all the applications that we support. When a new version becomes available, we update our Bitnami packaged apps as soon as possible.

Whenever vulnerabilities or serious security issues are discovered, we update our Bitnami packaged apps as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.

Our applications are completely self-contained and bundle all of the libraries, databases, and runtimes required to run on any platform. Additionally, our applications are configured optimally for the most common scenarios out of the box.

Applications are packaged following consistent standards. Whether you want to deploy an application as a virtual machine or launch it in the cloud, the experience is nearly identical — so it is easy to move from development to production.

Your Bitnami account is aware of applications you have downloaded or launched on clouds. In the event of a new version, patch, or vulnerability, you will receive an email notification that an update is available.

Bitnami applications can easily be deployed to CenturyLink Cloud via our orchestration Runner blueprints, making it much simpler to deploy sophisticated, scalable implementations in a just a few clicks.

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