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ElasticBox allows clients to easily manage applications across multiple cloud platforms.

ElasticBox is a scalable platform for deploying enterprise mission-critical applications across any cloud infrastructure – private, public or hosted.

It provides interactive visualisation to automate application provisioning, including configuration, deployment, scaling, updating and migration of applications in real-time.
The service offers two approaches to application orchestration, ElasticBox and ElasticKube, which deliver enterprise IT benefits from the flexibility of virtual machine and containerised implementations.

The service enables clients to standardise deployment models, enabling rapid innovation and reduced errors with a consistent configuration and application lifecycle management platform. Clients can rely on ElasticBox to easily manage the run-state of applications by using automation to scale services based on constantly changing business demands. Mission-critical applications can be updated and migrated with confidence in accordance with corporate policies.

Services can be deployed in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments on CenturyLink Cloud, Azure, AWS and others. ElasticBox enables enterprises to decide which applications and infrastructure need to be fully managed to allow companies to focus on what they do best. Managed and consultative services such as implementation, monitoring, patching and backup are seamless with ElasticBox across any cloud environment.


Self-Service Application Catalog:

  • Intuitive portal for users to self-serve reusable infrastructure, applications and charts.
  • Components can be deployed based on pre-set IT policies.


  • Federated access control, user management and permission definition of infrastructure provides visibility and auditing capabilities.


  • Customers define applications with infrastructure that's provisioned at the time of deployment.
  • Wide range of automation protocols enables flexibility across heterogeneous environments.

Use Cases

Self-Service Configuration:

  • With ElasticBox, customers can build their own set of applications and service offerings to be made available to various users. These catalog items or components have predefined configurations that can be shared and reused across any cloud.

Updates, Upgrades and Rollbacks

  • Customers can push updates to components or entire applications that are running in production without experiencing downtime. Versioning control enables IT and application owners to choose all instances or portions of the same applications. When unforeseen issues arise, rollbacks can easily use the saved application profiles.

Container Management

  • While ElasticBox focuses on application via virtual machine architectures, ElasticKube addresses the management of containers exclusively on top of Kubernetes. Customers looking to implement an enterprise solution for containers running in production can take advantage of ElasticKube for features like authentication, authorization, container health and performance, and connectivity to a template catalog from your repository of choice.

Scaling and Migration

  • A wide range of automation protocols can be used with ElasticBox to orchestrate application scaling based on consumption, proactive changes, cost benefits and other business criteria. Customers can choose to automatically scale an entire application or various tiers or components. Cloning capabilities simplifies the mobility of an application or service to secondary cloud environments.

Application Transformation

  • ElasticBox and ElasticKube collectively give clients the choice of making applications ready for cloud deployments, by allowing you to model both legacy and modern cloud applications in a standardized platform that can take advantage of multi-cloud services. This includes both on-premises within a client datacenter, on CenturyLink cloud or other third party platforms such as AWS or Azure.

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