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JBoss Sample Application   


An application box which deploys a JBoss Application with the Web Layer components.

JBoss Sample Application is an application box which deploys a JBoss Application with all the Web Layer components necessary to run it. The complete topology consists of 6 instances.


  • Support for general notification framework. Transports supported include JMS (HornetQ, JBoss Messaging, MRG, JBossMQ, Oracle AQ and MQSeries), InVm, TCP/IP, email, database or file system. JBoss Messaging 1.4.5GA is now the recommended default JMS implementation.
  • JMS and SQL transaction integration.
  • More seamless integration when deployed into JBossAS.
  • jBPM integration.
  • Web Services support (jbossws-native and jbossws-cxf).
  • Improved deployment and configuration, using a specific ESB server.
  • Groovy support.


This application box requires a deployment policy box that uses a Ubuntu 14.04 image and has linux as claim to be automatically matched at deployment time.

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