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QuickStart Vormetric Onboarding Standard   


QuickStart Vormetric Onboarding Engagement requires purchase of a Vormetric DSM Agent Bundle

This QuickStart Vormetric Onboarding engagement accelerates your success by providing Vormetric training, implementation assistance, and a consultative framework to ensure you are successful with Vormetric TDE solution.

The QuickStart Vormetric Onboarding engagement covers topics such as: DSM clustering, data security policies overview, key management, architectural considerations, among others. This Onboarding package is required with every Vormetric DSM purchase and comes bundled during purchase. The Vormetric DSM Agent bundles are available on the CenturyLink Marketplace.


Our team of Vormetric experts are ready to help you accelerate your Vormetric DSM deployment. Customers seeking to encrypt their data while retaining full control, whether for compliance or security reasons, will fulfill their needs met with this QuickStart Vormetric Onboarding Standard Package (Transparent Encryption Only).

QuickStart Vormetric Onboarding - Standard Includes:

  • Kick-Off Meeting/Quick Overview
  • Detailed Platform Deep Dive Session (1hr)
  • Dedicated Engineer Assigned to Onboard Customer
  • Customer Architecture/Security Policy Review
  • Best Practices Consultation/Troubleshooting and Audit Interpretation Training
  • Assisted Provisioning Services – (DSM installations, agent installs, cluster configuration, etc.)
  • File/Application Data/Database Encryption
  • 30 days consultative service


Note: This offering is for a 36-month term commit, billed monthly at the rates listed below.


Vormetric Standard Quickstart On-boarding package - $2,000 set-up fee (one-time charge)

Vormetric DSM Server Bundles with Live Data Transformation (LDT) support (monthly recurring subscription on a 36 month term commit)

  • Vormetric DSM 5 Agent bundle - $875/month
  • Vormetric DSM 10 Agent bundle - $1,532/month
  • Vormetric DSM 15 Agent bundle - $2,263/month
  • Vormetric DSM 20 Agent bundle - $2,750/month
  • Vormetric DSM 25 Agent bundle - $3,125/month
  • Vormetric DSM 30 Agent bundle - $3,582/month

Stand-alone Vormetric DSM Server for High Availability (HA) (monthly recurring subscription for 36 month term commit)

  • Vormetric DSM Server for HA (for plans with up to 10 Agents) - $156/month
  • Vormetric DSM Server for HA (for plans with up to 25 Agents) - $313/month


  • A typical Vormetric DSM server (4 CPU / 4GB Memory / 250GB HDD): $95/month


Requires purchase of Vormetric DSM Agent Bundle. Only available on CenturyLink Cloud.


Support for your software purchased via the Marketplace is rendered by the individual Software Provider. The CenturyLink Customer Care Team is unable to provide support for your software. However, if you are experiencing issues with the infrastructure that hosts your software, please open a ticket with Below you can find the contact information for support of this software.

Phone: (877) 267-3247

Vormetric website

For questions regarding the QuickStart Vormetric Onboarding engagement, please contact:

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CenturyLink Quickstart Onboarding



deployment models

  • Runner/Ansible

operating systems

  • CentOS 5
  • CentOS 6
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
  • SUSE 11 64-bit CLI Support
  • Ubuntu 12
  • Ubuntu 14