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CenturyLink IPS-Anywhere (Linux)   


CenturyLink Cloud, Multi-Cloud and On-Premises Intrusion Protection

Secure your computing environment with Intrusion Prevention Service, or IPS, a critical component in any defense-in-depth strategy. Help to ensure business continuity by protecting against known and unknown vulnerabilities on over 100 applications and operating systems.

Deploy CenturyLink IPS on your servers wherever they are – on any physical server or any cloud – as long as the server’s OS is a supported version and the network traffic is allowed to and from our management infrastructure. That means you can rely on IPS for physical servers located in your own data center, remotely hosted physical dedicated or shared servers, or any cloud platform, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or CenturyLink.

Our IPS relies on technology from industry-leader Trend Micro. It works through the installation of an Agent on your physical server or virtual machine. This Agent constantly monitors that machine for vulnerabilities. If suspicious activity is observed, the system will log the incident, then will block the activity, and then reports the incident based on previously-determined IPS policies. CenturyLink IPS implements a default policy on each server, then automatically fine-tunes it based on the host OS and installed applications.



  • Installing IPS on the CenturyLink Cloud: Provision IPS in just a few clicks with our cloud Blueprint. This installs the IPS Agent on your VM directly from the Control Portal.

  • Installing IPS Everywhere Else: Single command line provisioning installs the IPS Agent on any server in any computing environment. IPS works in any cloud – including CenturyLink Cloud, CenturyLink VPDC, CenturyLink DCC, any private cloud, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, etc. – and on any physical server, no matter where it’s located.


  • Achieve virtualization security by enabling IPS to block network attacks and unauthorized network access to VMs

  • Multi-tenant virtual environments, hybrid solutions and physical servers also benefit from improved security

  • IPS sends proactively sends alerts and acts immediately upon detection of suspicious or malicious activity

  • Once the Trend Micro Agent is installed on the server — virtual or physical — it protects against vulnerabilities in OSs and more than 100 business apps

  • Event data retained for 13 weeks to meet auditing and compliance requirements


  • Every 24 hours, the Agent automatically scans the host for newly installed applications

  • IPS policies are automatically updated for newly found installed applications

  • Trend Micro patches are also automatically updated to protect against new vulnerabilities

  • Supports event notifications via WebHook and Email

  • Supports forwarding of captured event data to a specified syslog server



  • Operating System on the host machine must be a version supported by our IPS.
  • Network traffic must be permitted to and from our management infrastructure.

Use Cases

Prevent Hackers from Crippling Your Servers
IPS monitors hosts for suspicious activity and automatically block traffic to prevent harm to your servers without any user intervention.

Meet Compliance Regulations Such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH and NIST
Regulatory compliance is a complex challenge that takes a major commitment, with the majority of the burden falling to the business. But partnering with a solid provider like CenturyLink Cloud is a smart move to help with your compliance strategy.

Cut Costs, Complexity, and Regulate Risk Management
One of the most widely touted benefits of cloud computing is controlling costs. With utility-billing (hourly, as-needed rather than monthly or by contract) the cloud also enables smaller organizations to leverage industry-leading technologies to compete on a global scale. And for large enterprises, cloud offers the advantage of agility, which is often considered the exclusive purview of the SMB.

Remove the Burden of Day to Day Operational Oversight
New cyber threats are constantly emerging, yet resources are increasingly constrained for most organizations. The CenturyLink Cloud IPS conducts a daily scan that identifies and automatically activates signatures and policy auto-tuning based on the OS and installed applications saves time and effort. Moreover, signature sets and agents are updated as new items are released, relieving you of this management burden.

Implement Our Host-Based IPS on Any Server, Anywhere and Everywhere
Managing and securing IT infrastructure is a daunting task. You likely have infrastructure deployed on premises in your own data centers, collocated or hosted externally, on multiple public or private clouds, and now even with hybrid solutions combining cloud and physical infrastructure. Using our easy Agent Installation process — which can be as simple as entering a single command line — you can begin protecting your servers in minutes. So you can take advantage of the same protections anywhere, whether in a CenturyLink data center, another vendor data center, shared cloud, dedicated cloud, your own data center or other remote location.

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CenturyLink Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS)
Internal Software
deployment models
not specified
operating systems
  • CentOS 5
  • CentOS 6
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
  • SUSE 11 64-bit CLI Support
  • Ubuntu 12
  • Ubuntu 14
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

CenturyLink Cloud Support Details
Phone: 1.888.638.6771


CenturyLink Cloud Support Details
Phone: 1.888.638.6771