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SUREedge Office365 Online Backup   

SUREedge Office 365 Mailbox Protection for enterprises

SUREedge Office 365 Mailbox Protection for enterprises provides long-term protection for only the mailboxes you want protected, and provides the ability to restore individual messages or entire mailboxes -- either to same Office 365 account or another -- to meet compliance and/or legal hold requirements.


  • Choose only the mailboxes that need protection
  • Define the frequency of e-mail updates
  • Define the desired length of data retention
  • Choose the server and mailboxes to recover messages into



1-30 Mailboxes: $3.33/mailbox/month
31-100 Mailboxes: $2.90/mailbox/month
101-10,000 Mailboxes: $2.50/mailbox/month

IMPORTANT: Subscription is rounded up to the nearest increment of 10. (e.g. 123 Mailboxes rounded up to a 130 Mailboxes subscription).


Two VMs required:

  • One (1) Windows VM with 2 CPU / 4GB Memory / 100GB Storage: ~$121/month
  • One (1) Linux VM with 4 CPU / 10GB Memory / 1,024GB Storage: ~$246/month

Use Cases

  • Protect entire Office 365 instance or a subset of mailboxes to CenturyLink Cloud
  • Replicate an entire or part of a mailbox to a different exchange server for analysis
  • Protect and archive data from select mailboxes for legal hold
  • Search emails of past employees for important business information
  • Recover lost e-mail that is beyond the O365 retention period


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