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Vormetric Encryption Agent   


Deploy Vormetric Encryption Agent for simple, real-time encryption


The Vormetric Transparent Encryption solution enables your organization to meet security and compliance mandates and manage risks by encrypting data at rest at the file system or volume level. Vormetric Transparent Encryption delivers high performance, granular access policies and security intelligence.

What's Included

This offering is for the Vormetric Encryption Agent only. The Vormetric DSM and On-boarding package is sold separately.

The Vormetric Encryption Agent connects to the Vormetric Data Security Manager (DSM) Server, which is licensed to support up to a specified number of Encryption agents (Windows and Linux). E.g. The "Vormetric DSM Bundle - 15 agents" will support up to 15 Vormetric Encryption Agents.


Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

Vormetric Data Security helps enterprises comply with PCI DSS requirements 3, 7 and 10 that call for the protection of cardholder information. Vormetric Data Security secures cardholder data in databases as well as voice files, reports, and images.


Electronic Patient Health Information (ePHI) needs to have access controls and be secured to maintain compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. Whether unstructured medical imagery or structured database information containing ePHI, Vormetric secures and controls access to ePHI. FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 — Encryption for stored information relevant to drug manufacturing & distribution.

Financial Services/Government

Vormetric Data Security enables enterprises such as financial services (Chinese Walls) and governments to meet data governance mandates by segregating data repositories so that departments or entities can only see data they own and not adjacent data.

State Data Breach Notification Laws

US states have data breach notification laws modeled on California SB 1386 that provides a safe harbor in the event of a breach where the underlying data is encrypted. Vormetric Encryption provides safe harbor and helps businesses avoid the cost and brand damage that comes with breach notification.

National Data Protection Laws

Nations around the globe are instituting data protection laws which mandate encrypting citizen personal information including UK Data Protection Act, EU Data Protection Directive and South Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act. Vormetric Data Security secures personal information, be it structured (in databases) or unstructured data.

Sarbanes-Oxley, Euro-Sox GLBA, Basel II & III

Vormetric Data Security provides security, key management, access control and reporting so enterprises can demonstrate effective controls over sensitive information.

Data Residency/Data Sovereignty

With over 50, highly varied, national privacy laws in effect worldwide — enterprises, cloud providers and multi-nationals need to ensure that data does not inappropriately cross legal jurisdictions. Vormetric Data Security enables segregation and control of data access to meet their legal obligations – in many cases without changes to applications and infrastructure.

In addition numerous other compliance regimes mandate protection of data-at-rest that can be enabled with Vormetric. These include FedRAMP/NIST 800-53 requirements for US Federal agencies, FIPS 140-2 for security management environments, the Australia Privacy Act, the EU Data Protection Act, South Korea’s PIPA and Singapore’s MAS TRM.


The Vormetric Agent is free, however, it must connect to a licensed Vormetric DSM Server for use. The Vormetric DSM Server is available in the Marketplace.


The Vormetric Encryption Agent connects to a Vormetric DSM virtual appliance (sold separately) licensed to support the required number of Encryption Agents.

Use Cases

Database (Structured) Security

Vormetric Data Security protects databases and can encrypt and control access to databases in any environment – physical, virtual and cloud. Vormetric Key Management stores and manages encryption keys for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, NoSQL environments, or any combination thereof.

Unstructured Data Security

Vormetric Encryption enables enterprises to meet requirements to secure and control access to unstructured data including pdf files, spreadsheets, word documents, presentations, graphics, and more.

Virtual Environment Security

Vormetric Transparent Encryption delivers the security capabilities you need to safeguard your sensitive assets. Whether you’re running VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine), or any other standard virtualization platform, Vormetric can help you address your critical security requirements, with unparalleled efficiency and low cost of ownership.

Big Data Security

Vormetric solutions enable organizations to maximize the benefits of big data analytics without risking the security sensitive data. The Vormetric Data Security Platform offers the capabilities that organizations need to secure sensitive data across big data environments—including big source data sets, big data infrastructure, and big data analytics results. We are fully integrated with most Big Data partners so you will never be a “BETA customer” with your Big Data deployment.

Super User/Administrator Credentials Abuse

Vormetric Encryption encrypts and controls access to data for commercial-off-the-shelf applications as well as legacy applications so that enterprises can meet security obligations without disrupting operations. Vormetric Key Management enables custom applications to take advantage of cryptographic services to secure application data and meet enterprise security requirements.

Protection From Rogue Insiders

User Access Controls reduce the enterprise risk profile by controlling privileged system users such as root or system administrators, allowing them to do their jobs without having access to protected information.

Intellectual Property Protection

Compromised intellectual property can have catastrophic business consequences. Vormetric encrypts and controls access to intellectual property, from design diagrams to databases to reduce the enterprise risk profile.

Outsourcing & Contractual Obligations

Service providers handling sensitive data frequently have to demonstrate that client data is protected. Vormetric Data Security encrypts, controls access, and reports on access to meet contractual obligations.

Facilitating Repair & Disposal of Storage Hardware

Disposing of servers and storage containing sensitive data can be a costly exercise for many enterprises. Vormetric Data Security enables enterprises to cryptographically shred information and avoid expensive equipment disposal costs.

Mitigating Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Risk

Vormetric Data Security reduces the attack surface by protecting data and controlling access to data targeted by APTs. It also helps provide security intelligence by communicating unauthorized access attempts and unusual access patterns.

Secured Data Management and Control

Centralize keys and certificates on KMIP compliant devices. Vormetric Key Management enables enterprises to store, report and alert on certificates and other security materials to maintain application uptime and minimize SSL management costs.

NAS Security

Organizations can institute strong, comprehensive protections around the sensitive assets that are stored in NAS environments.


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