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Mobile Workforce Management Solution

Turnkey Mobile Workforce Solution for Improved Field Operations

Simplify scheduling, increase visibility, differentiate your customer service, and streamline back-office operations in one easy-to-implement solution. StreetSmart® is a mobile workforce application that improves operational efficiencies in field service management. Any size organization with mobile workers that needs to maximize job revenue, decrease operational costs, or alleviate business risks can quickly implement this turnkey solution and begin to see results within days



The StreetSmart cloud-based management application provides access to timesheet data from virtually anywhere. This module allows mobile workers to clock in, record breaks, and clock out through their mobile device. Hours captured are validated with time stamps that also include date and GPS location. Dispatchers and office staff are also able to set conditional alerts to be notified if mobile workers are late for shifts, have not arrived onsite, or are about to incur overtime.

Mobile Forms

Organizations are able to measure worker productivity using Forms on the StreetSmart mobile app. Field workers can easily record information on the job site and send details of the job progress, start and end times, and completed form information. This data is automatically consolidated and sent back to the office where it can be imported into payroll, finance, or other systems.

Mobile Jobs Information

Save time and increase productivity by seamlessly creating, assigning and dispatching jobs from StreetSmart’s cloud-based administrative software. Dispatchers can use the StreetSmart app or their Office Outlook application to easily dispatch and manage jobs. Functionality includes job configuration and tracking, the ability to collect job information from the field in real-time, skills-based scheduling, and be able to receive pre-defined alerts and status updates.

GPS Location Intelligence

StreetSmart provides the location of every mobile worker on Google Maps with detailed information such as arrival times, break status, the route driven and more. This allows dispatchers to access field workers location in real-time providing greater visibility and better management of field activities.

Trip Reimbursments

StreetSmart provides trip details with workers name, date, location and job information and can compare odometer with GPS and Google suggested miles to increase accountability, save gas, and optimize routes. Dispatchers have the ability to access mileage and maps data from virtually anywhere which allows them to coordinate job assignments and send alerts to mobile workers.

Customer Engagement Module
With our Customer Engagement Module software, customers can receive notifications, reschedule appointments, and see the mobile worker’s location. Armed with all the customer and job information they need ahead of time, mobile workers increase job completion rates, further boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The key features of our Customer Experience Management software includes:

  1. Notifications and Verifications
    • Customers receive confirmation of service via their preferred communication channel, and are provided with the chance to cancel or reschedule, decreasing customer no shows
  2. Where’s My Tech?
    • Customers receive status updates from the service provider to get full visibility into the service process
    • Customers have an increased sense of security when they see a picture of the worker who is about to arrive at their house
    • Customer satisfaction is increased as they feel more in control of the service engagement by understanding when the technician is likely to arrive
      Service provider call center costs are reduced, often dramatically, as customers no longer need to use that expensive channel for a status update


Monthly Subscription:
StreetSmart with One year Term - $25.00/mobile user/month
StreetSmart with Three year Term - $22.50/mobile user/month
StreetSmart with Three year Term including 100+ unit - $22.00/mobile user/month

Add-On Services & Software (Optional):

  1. Personalized On-boarding and Training - $500.00 One-time charge
    This service is free for customers who purchase 100+ licenses OR purchase a Three year Term
  2. Customer Engagement Module - $10.00/mobile user/month

Use Cases

Turnkey Mobile Workforce App for Fast ROI

StreetSmart's mobile workforce solution is easy to implement and administrate. Organizations will see benefits of streamlined processes that increase visibility into worker activities which improves productivity and reduces operational costs in a pre-packaged solution.

Enterprise Capabilities without the Complexity

StreetSmart's mobile workforce solution includes an easy to use turnkey mobile app and cloud-based software. The native app, intentionally developed for any size organization that has a field staff, includes multiple capabilities that interconnect to provide best-in-class information to effectively manage mobile worker activities.

Reduce Operational Costs

Organizations that leverage StreetSmart shorten travel time and increase worker productivity. This improves customer satisfaction, reduces fuel costs, increases the number of appointments per day, and cuts the need for overtime. Other optional integrations into payroll and invoicing can further decrease the costs of field operations.

Increase Visibility, Productivity, and Safety

Using StreetSmart's GPS Location Intelligence helps organizations make informed decisions about how to dispatch field teams, uncover more productive routes, and ensure mobile worker safety.

Simplify Collection of On-Site Job and Field Worker Information

Mobile forms will automate the process of gathering field data and digitally send to the office from a mobile workers device for analysis and processing. Organizations can use our flexible suite of standard mobile app forms or customize a standard form to meet unique needs.

Improve Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

Accurately keep customers updated with appointment arrival times and driver status by always knowing your employees’ locations and how their jobs are progressing. Once service is complete, automatically send customers a link to online feedback forms that can be connected directly to the job type or mobile worker for ongoing service improvements.


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