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XpoLog - Log Management and Analytics   

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XpoLog indexes data from any device, server or application for searching, analysis and monitoring

XpoLog Log Analysis platform collects and indexes any machine-generated data from any device, server or application in the environment. Immediately start searching and analyzing your log data, run complex correlations and create mission critical real time visualizations of the data.

Use XpoLog to verify continuous deployments and DevOps practices to reduce MTTR, improve service quality and accelerate innovation. Use XpoLog Out-of-the-Box applications to gain real time operational intelligence and visibility of your IT and applications log data to discover problems before they impact your services.


Real-Time Search Search all log data from your IT and applications in real time for immediate insight and faster problem resolution

Analytics & Visualization Use XpoLog out of the box and custom visualizations to gain operational insights from your data

Alerting Monitor all logs data to identify outages, anomalies or to immediately know when something breaks



Subscription begins after first month's POC period. Monitor Daily Log Volume and adjust subscription based on first month's usage.

Daily Log Volume Term Commitment Price
1GB 6 months $45/month
2GB 6 months $170/month
5GB 6 months $370/month
10GB 6 months $730/month
20GB 6 months $1,375/month
1GB 12 months $40/month
2GB 12 months $155/month
5GB 12 months $335/month
10GB 12 months $670/month
20GB 12 months $1,250/month


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Developer Tools , Operational Analytics , Security

deployment models

  • Runner/Ansible

operating systems

  • CentOS 7
  • Windows Server 2012