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SearchStax Solr Service   

Apache Solr-as-a-Service | Cloud Automation, Monitoring and Analytics

SearchStax® Solr Service helps companies host, deploy, and administer their Solr-based search solutions in the cloud. SearchStax combined with our Managed Services power the only fully managed Solr-as-a-service multi-cloud capable offering available today.

The SearchStax® suite offers automated provisioning and scaling of Apache Solr Search Engine, backups, disaster recovery, 24/7 monitoring and alerting, comprehensive analytics, and administrative tools.

Features by Tier

Feature Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Plus
SearchStax Cloud Manager Yes Yes Yes Yes
SearchStax Pulse (Monitoring) Yes Yes Yes Yes
SearchStax Basic Analytics No Yes Yes Yes
Upload custom JARs No Yes Yes Yes
Availability Reporting No Yes Yes Yes
Audit Logging No No Yes Yes
Disaster Recovery No No No Yes
SearchStax Cloud Private No No No Yes
SearchStax Enhanced Analytics No Avail Avail Avail


High Availability

SearchStax deployments are production ready. All are minimally three node clusters and front-ended with an elastic load balancer for auto-failover. In addition SearchStax offers multi-node, multi-zone Solr clusters with automatic failover for production applications with the most demanding uptime requirements.

Effortless Scaling

Unknown or high variance sizing - no problem. Grow your deployments to any size needed - easily add or remove nodes to handle data size or query volume increases or decreases. Achieve horizontal and vertical scalability through sharding and replication.

High Performance

Optimize your deployments for high performance by utilizing SearchStax Cloud Private. Since traffic is restricted to only approved exchanges, most network performance bottlenecks can be avoided.

Fully Automated Management

SearchStax enables you to host, deploy, and administer your Apache Solr search solution in the cloud. SearchStax offers on-demand and automated provisioning, scaling, backups, monitoring, alerting, comprehensive analytics and administrative tools.

APIs for Integration and Automation

SearchStax® provides APIs for supporting the creation, deletion and management of SearchStax deployments. These APIs can be accessed through any tool that assembles HTTP requests and dispatch them to a server. Among these would be the Python coreapi package, the Postman tool, and cURL.

SLA-backed 24x7 Support

Our always-ready Solr experts are only a call or an email away – every day, all day and night, all year round. Enjoy peace of mind with fully managed Solr-as-a-Service.


All Solr-as-a-Service Managed Service subscriptions require a 1-year term commitment.

All subscriptions (below) require an On-boarding Engagement with Dedicated Customer Success Manager. There is a $2,000 one-time charge for the On-boarding Engagement.

Dedicated Node Managed Services

Size - Support Tier Price
4GB Mem / 32GB Storage - Silver $122/month
8GB Mem / 64GB Storage - Silver $189/month
16GB Mem / 128GB Storage - Silver $405/month

Dedicated Cluster Managed Services

Size - Support Tier Price
4GB Mem / 32GB Storage - Silver $396/month
8GB Mem / 64GB Storage - Silver $554/month
16GB Mem / 128GB Storage - Silver $1,414/month
4GB Mem / 32GB Storage - Gold $846/month
8GB Mem / 64GB Storage - Gold $1,004/month
16GB Mem / 128GB Storage - Gold $1,864/month
4GB Mem / 32GB Storage) - Platinum $1,296/month
8GB Mem / 64GB Storage) - Platinum $1,454/month
16GB Mem / 128GB Storage - Platinum $2,314/month
32GB Mem / 256GB Storage - Platinum $2,639/month
4GB Mem / 32GB Storage - Platinum Plus $2,796/month
8GB Mem / 64GB Storage - Platinum Plus $2,954/month
16GB Mem / 128GB Storage - Platinum Plus $3,814/month
32GB Mem/256GB Storage - Platinum Plus $4,139/month
64GB Mem/512GB Storage - Platinum Plus $4,766/month


Support Tiers

Silver Gold Platinum Platinum Plus
Support Channel Email Only Email and Web Email and Web Email, Web and Phone
Support Users 2 4 8 Unlimited
Uptime SLA (monthly) N/A 99.5% 99.9% 99.95%
Number of Incidents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Incident Response Time N/A < 4 hours for Sev 1 < 1 hour for Sev 1 < 1 hour for Sev 1
Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Solr Upgrade Assistance No Yes Yes Yes

Use Cases

  • Site Search
  • E-Commerce
  • Marketplaces
  • Search Driven Applications
  • Business Intelligence


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